7 Tips For Diet Without Tension


Greatest concern is for every woman side effects when you start to diet to reduce weight and perhaps most important of these effects of a sense of headache, dizziness, nervousness, tension and frustration which increases the possibility of relapse and return to the old system

And bulimia eating and weight gain so I made the German magazine Stern prescription to combat the increase of appetite and weakness self and anti-stress diet is achieved even without pain, because the required return on the human diet without feeling deprivation and anxiety is the key to the continued success of the process of weight reduction.

Proven practical experience for each failed diet attempts by women that weight loss is the biggest challenge facing the each woman’s journey and weight loss and reach the desired weight through diet program needs to plan process with uncertain results, but commitment to this program would lead to different side effects such as headaches and dizziness to the lack of sugar levels in the body and a sense of frustration, tension and nervousness with which the surrounding lead to relapse and relapse.

The nutrition experts tips to overcome the side effects of diet, led by tension, anxiety and frustration, even going through a journey lack of weight safely are:

The quality of calories
Experts believe that nutrition is a safe diet that relies on meals and focus on the quality of calories rather than the amount of calories eaten by men, eating a sandwich contains a piece of boiled chicken breast or a dish of pasta with boiled vegetables better than a meal of chicken and roasted potatoes fried The equal number of calories in types of food but the quality of calories in boiled chicken and pasta with the best vegetable diet because they contain fiber, which helps to digest and do not cause tension on the reverse foods fried it increases the tension even with food to reduce the size of the rule that the first diet to achieve without tension is to stay away from fried foods.

Many sizes and a few meals
What is most painful to the human journey in weight loss is the frustration of feeling hungry and that he will not eat the amount of food that are used to it with no restrictions so you can work a psychological ploy to divide your food, and many meals small quantities of any that eat between 5-6 meals a day but in small quantities is better than eating two meals daily in large quantities because of the way the initial rates of secretion of sugar in the blood and thus reduce the anxiety and stress the fish and vegetables

The quality of the food that you eat in your diet determine the psychological stresses that nutrition experts that the best meal is the diet is grilled fish with Boiled vegetables and fruit because they all help to calm the psychological

Kind of food conversion
The wrong food habits are the main reason we feel nervous when a woman undone that rely entirely the starches and sweets in their diet, either rice, pasta, pastries and sweets must be turned gradually to a diet different because the retreat from this pattern causes the pain and tension that while the dependence on the pattern focuses on food grains, brown bread, vegetables and fruits does not cause tension when undone. removal saturated fat

The foods that contain saturated fat should be excluded completely from your diet to achieve the best diet without tension because these fats increase the density of the blood and increase tension but should not exceed the ratio of fat to 20% of your meals per day for food, the fried foods or Almajunp ghee, butter and other should be put aside so as not to cause tension.

Sport to reduce tension
That regular exercise reduces the daily stress caused by diet and side effects of weight loss, but Nutrition experts believe that the aim of the diet to achieve a balance of calories in the body are not taken to reduce the food only, but must burn more calories and best of exercise walking for hours a day

Deliberation is better than rushing
Nutrition experts see that the problem of all women with diet they start very enthusiastically and achieved a significant shortfall in weight in a short time, causing tension because it is the sudden transfer of their eating habits, causing frustration and depression But better to reduce the weight slowly and gradually with a doctor in nutrition habits become so wrong food habits to the sound is organized by the body for life and the only setback is the inevitable fate and return to the old style.

Breathing exercises
When feeling tense can use breathing exercises to reduce anxiety, including Sit in an upright position with the lifting of head and shoulders, back individual Inhale the air and then quietly for about 4 seconds until the chest is filled with air and then GET OUT in a long breath of air for about 4 seconds and will continue in this exercise for 15 minutes a day to get rid of tension.

Tricks to overcome the sense of hunger
I eat a lot of Cuba’s water and then applied the power first to feel fullness and then eat a meal planned with care to chew food slowly.
Replace sweets and soft drinks with fruit juice tomatoes in your diet because it would reduce the calories without sense of hunger.
Soups important weapon for each wishing to reduce weight and
in particular such as vegetable soup, tomato soup, carrots, it gives you the sense that you eat a large amount of food while they reduce calories.

Nutrition experts advise eating certain drinks to reduce weight without feeling hungry, such as cocoa without sugar, cinnamon _ without They reduce weight sugar with regularity on a daily basis.
If you feel hungry between meals, eat a carrot, it helps you a sense of fullness without any increase in weight