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A Guide to Face Brushes

When I did a post aboutĀ which brushes for the eyes I consider as most important to have, some of you asked me to do one for face brushes as well, so here you are. šŸ™‚ I have to admit that it’s much harder to pick out the most important face brushes than eye brushes, since there are so many factors to consider (what you like, what kind of makeup you use, etc.), but I am going to try to give you an idea of which brushes I think are better than others.
1. Foundation
It depends a lot on the kind of foundation you are using. With some foundations like NARS Sheer Glow, I actually like to apply with my fingers, while others all have their own “winning” brush. Basically, I tend to prefer to apply thicker foundations that offer high coverage with my fingers, as they tend to dry quite quickly. I find that if I use my fingers, I can distribute it over the face more quickly and then I might go over it with a small blending brush for eyes (Mac 217) to get more coverage where needed.

I like to apply foundations with medium to high coverage, that donĀ“t dry too quickly, with aĀ Mac 131/Sigma F15, which is a “Flat, tapered brush that contains a combination of short and long fibres” – Mac.

This brush is actually meant to be for blushes and highlights, but I find that it works brilliantly for foundations as well. I use it with small sweeps and strokes to blend it in and it gives a very pretty result.

When using a more lightweight and liquidy foundation, I like to use aĀ MAc 187/Sigma F50Ā (or aĀ Mac 188/ Sigma F55, which is the same (only cheaper and smaller) because the foundation wonĀ“t dry into the brush as quickly and because of its consistency, itĀ“s easier to blend it in with a round flat top brush than with a tapered brush like theĀ Mac131/ Sigma F15. The result is an even and natural soft finish. I use it by firstly stippling the foundation around the face and then swirling it in. I do, however, advise you to swirl just a little bit more than you think is enough because the result is so much nicer and youĀ“re sure to not have any streaking anywhere.
2. Mineral foundation
If youĀ“re using a mineral foundation, theĀ kabuki Mac 182/ Sigma F45Ā is obviously one way to go.Ā Sigma makes great kabuki brushes and I like the flat top for more coverage and the rounded for normal coverage.

The flat top requires some work though. Sigma also recently launced three High Definition brushesĀ (Ā F84, F80Ā andĀ F82), which many people like. Personally, I prefer the normal kabukis because I find it’s easier to get a nice and even result than with the HD brushes, which eat a lot of product and are a little bit too dense to give that nice soft finish. Some people also like to use these HD brushes for liquid foundation, but this doesnĀ“t work for me at all.

The flat normal foundation brushes (Mac 190/ Sigma F60) are only used to apply face masks in my house. I think they are useless for foundation, as it takes a really long time to apply and gives a streaky result.
3. Powder
If you have oily skin and need to use powder all over your face, IĀ“d go for theĀ Mac 134/ Sigma F20Ā because itĀ“s quite large and therefore reaches over a big area with fewer swirls. Not only does this save you time, but it makes it easier to get the right amount of powder as well.

If you have dry cheeks, or just like to put a little bit of powder in your t-zone, IĀ“d go for theĀ Mac 129/ Sigma F10Ā as this brush is more or less the same shape – only smaller. Since itĀ“s so much smaller, itĀ“s obviously easier to apply more precisely in smaller areas like between your eyes without messing up your eye makeup. This brush is also nice to use for both blush and bronzers.
4. Bronzers/Sun Powder
If you are using bronzers to get a sunkissed look (not for contouring purposes), IĀ“d go with theĀ Mac 138/ Sigma F25. This is a quite large brush, but it’s tapered on the tip which makes it easier to get into smaller areas as well. With it being tapered and round, it actually does all the blending work for you because of the shorter hair on the sides. Brilliant brush! ItĀ“s also great for use on the body since itĀ“s so big.
5. Blushes
For liquid blushes like Benefit Benetint, you are better off using your fingers as the liquid dries very quickly. If youĀ“re not quick enough with blending it in, you risk getting an uneven and spotty finish.

For cream blushes I actually like to use my fingers to apply the blush and then a brush likeĀ Mac 188/ Sigma F55 or Mac 131/ Sigma F15Ā to blend out the edges. Remember to apply little by little instead of too much at once. ItĀ“s much more difficult to blend out a cream blush than a powder blush.

For powder blush I find myself reaching for theĀ Mac 168/ Sigma F40, a medium-sized angled brush. I like it because it gives an even finish and it helps with blending, since the longer side blends it out for you as you apply. If youĀ“re in a rush and get a harsh line, itĀ“s easy to blend out harsh edges with the longer side instead of having to use another brush. This brush also works great for bronzing, contouring and highlighting. Just like with theĀ 217Ā blending brush, IĀ“ve actually lost track of how many I have of this, as I use it for lots of different products.

If you have a very pigmented blush like Mac Fleur Power or a blush with lots of glitters, you may find it easier to apply the blush with a brush likeĀ Mac 188/ Sigma F55, as it doesnĀ“t pick up as much product on the brush compared to other brushes.
6. Contouring
For contouring (using a matte powder in 1-3 shades darker than your skin), I prefer to useĀ Mac 129/ Sigma F10Ā (medium-sized blush brush), which is great for temples andĀ Mac 165/ Sigma F35Ā (small round tapered blush), which is amazing for cheekbones. TheĀ Mac 165/ Sigma F35Ā is actually the same as the egg-shapedĀ Mac 138/ Sigma F25, only smaller. Remember to go over and blend out edges with a bigger clean/powder blush.

If youĀ“d like to contour your nose as well, I advise you to go for a big blending brush for the eyes like theĀ 222/224. Be very careful when contouring your nose, you donĀ“t want obvious dirt on your nose šŸ˜‰

If youĀ“re wondering about what brush you should go for when using concealer, I wrote a couple of words about it inĀ this post about brushes for eyes. šŸ™‚

There are some slight differences between the brushes from MAC and Sigma. I do prefer the brushes from MAC, as they are better quality, but the brushes from Sigma are a third of the price and a lot better than brushes from other brands in the same price range. So, unless youĀ“re a makeup artist, you are more than okay with brushes from Sigma.