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A New Plastic Surgery On The Rise

Splashed across marketing campaigns everywhere, you’ll see the beautiful makeup that the models wear. You see their beautiful smooth, clear face and think “That was retouched” or “She got botox”. You see their slick, svelte figure and think to yourself “I wonder if she got a tummy tuck”. If not, then you know that their body was DEFINITELY photoshopped. But look closer and you’ll possibly find something else that plastic surgery can fix, but can be very difficult to be retouched in a photo. A new style on the rise”¦

Double eyelids. Seems so simple, but among more and more Asian young adults, this type of plastic surgery is the new must have procedure. Not all Asians are born with the double lid, or a lid that shows their crease, resulting in their eyes looking small, dreary, and tired. Different types of lids include a monolid (where the crease is actually hidden) and a hooded lid (the lid creases into the skin, hiding the lid). All over the internet, there are lots of different products to help achieve that double eyelid using creams, sticks, glues, etc. But at what length and how far will one go to achieve that?

This concern is mainly common in Asians, and that is the reason why this particular operation is now dubbed as the Asian Eyelid Surgery. There are two types of this kind of procedure: the suture technique and the incisional technique. The suture technique is mainly used in young children and is semi-permanent. The procedure calls for sutures or materials to be placed on the inside of the lid to hold the crease in place. This results in a crease at all times, regardless of whether the eye is opened or not. The reason why it is semi-permanent is because these materials can break over time causing the lid to return back to its normal state. The incisional technique is as its name says. The plastic surgeon will make an incision quite similar to blepharoplasty to create a lid. This includes but is not limited to parts of the fat and skin being removed. Since this type includes removing fat/skin, it is highly customizable so a deep crease is in fact possible. Unlike the suture technique, this procedure will produce a natural like crease so that the crease is only visible when the eye is opened.

Even though eyelid surgery is not as dramatic as the other surgeries listed above, it is one that is starting to become more and more popular. Plastic surgeons are starting to look into specializing in this type of procedure because of its high demand. Although it seems pretty safe, one has to wonder if it’s all worth it. It may be a small surgery, but it is after all a surgery, which has its risks. The desire to have bigger eyes, and look more like a westerner certainly is driving more Asian women to get this procedure. Whatever their reasons may be, I hope that they understand the risks and the healing time. It’s one of those that you just have to ask, is it really worth it? There are many, many women who have monolids and hooded lids that embrace it and look absolutely beautiful no matter how they apply their eye shadow. Not to sound cliché, but w’re all beautiful the way we are and it’s our differences that make us beautiful.

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