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MakeupTalk.comMakeupTalk® was created in August of 2003 for women/men to chit-chat about our favorite subjects: makeup, cosmetics, subscription boxes, skin care, hair care, bath/body care, health and fitness, coupons, hot deals, and more.  The For Sale Items – Buy Items – Swap Items center is alive with 1000s of exciting products to swap, trade, buy and sell! We have over 110,000 members.

MakeupTalk® is intended for women/men of all ages to exchange their beauty ideas and knowledge with other women/men around the world. With MakeupTalk, we can help each other and try to find solutions for the never ending questions about beauty, health and all the millions of products that are on the market. If you have already found some cool makeup products, makeup techniques, skin care ideas and fitness methods, that you know have helped you, please share it with the rest of us. Let’s also talk about the stuff that hasn’t worked that well so that we can prevent the disaster you went through happening to other women/men. Ladies of all ages, let’s get together and have some fun with our computers and get a real discussion going!



  • 2,400,000+ Monthly page views
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