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After the Spackle, Comes the Perfect Color…. Foundation Basics!

There are so many choices, so many types and endless shades.  They taunt us with their consistency and their formulations.  They can truly be the end all to a true makeup stalker’s madness. They are in short, foundations.  Foundations are available in liquid, powder, cream, airbrush, mousse, etc., but what do you do when you are  looking  to try a new foundation, or even purchase one you may have worn in the past? What should you look for when in the wonderland of department stores with tons of salespeople waiting to help you and ask you to buy the one featured in their particular line?  Also, what about when you go to your local drugstore looking to try out a new brand that you cannot truly test until you are home? These are questions that everyone looking to buy a new foundation has to consider.
With all the choices and brands to choose from, the most important thing to do is remember a few important basics.  The first thing to know is your skin type, whether you’re normal, oily, dry or combination. This is the key factor in choosing what you can put on your skin so that you will know what to expect. You also want to keep in mind if you want to try a liquid, cream, powder, airbrush, mousse, etc. When looking into higher-end lines, I suggest going into your local department store or beauty store that carries it and get color matched. This is vital to getting the closest shade to your skin color. Make sure to ask questions – this is imperative. There are no swatches online that have really been true to match. When asking to get color matched, make sure to mention what would look good in natural lighting, because those places are filled with fluorescent lights and they change your skin tone.  Also make sure that you test some on your neck as well as your face in case you are wearing some makeup. The skin on your neck will be truer to your right shade. This will help you find a better match.

It can be more challenging when getting one at the drugstore only because they are’t testers or people to color match. My suggestion is making sure that there is a return policy in case you need to exchange or return. Be sure to always keep your receipt and the packaging in case of this. It really is a personal choice on which one to get because there are so many amazing brands both high-end and drugstore alike. Some examples are Giorgio Armani’s Silk Luminous Foundation that has Megan Fox as their spokesperson and who is a fan as well. Another brand is Rimmel Londo’s Lasting Finish 25-hour Foundation, which has a big fan base including actress Brooke Shields. These are examples of liquid foundations and no matter what you decide, the same elements apply. I hope this was helpful and happy foundation shopping!

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