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All About Lip Stains

As the holiday seasons slowly creeps upon us, you might be considering switching up your lip makeup routine. Lots of holiday parties will have yummy food at them, from Thanksgiving turkey to Christmas cookies. If you’re worried about your lip¬† makeup smudging and disappearing, try out a lip stain!


What is a lip stain? Lipsticks usually contain wax which sits on top of the lips to create a colored look. Lip stains, in contrast, use dye to temporarily stain the lip. Because of this, they are much longer lasting. Most lip stains are gelly or water based, and you can even get multi-use stains that can work for the lips and the cheeks!


The look that is created by a lip stain is usually not glossy or sheen, like a lip gloss. Instead, you get a trend matte look. Personally, I like adding on a lip gloss afterwards to get the shine I desire. Lip stains are also great if there’s a lip product that you want to change the color of. Use a lip stain as a base under a lip stick or gloss to create a whole new lip color.


Application varies from product to product, but generally, use a wand or your finger to spread the stain around your lips. You do have a little bit of wiggle room, as the stain doesn’t dry immediately, to even out your application. However, it’s important to remember that unlike lipstick, it’s a lot harder to remove after it sets. If you feel like the stain settles into fine lines or dries out your lips, apply a moisturizing lip balm before application.


If you’re in the market for a new lip stain, there are lots of options, from drugstore to high end brands. For a value, try Revlon’s Just Bitten. Not only¬† is it inexpensive, but it has a built in moisturizing balm that will keep your lips from drying out. Or, if you want a double-duty product, try Benefit’s always popular Benetint. It works on your lips and your cheeks!


Have you ever tried a lip tint? Which one is your favorite? Share your vast knowledge and let us know in the comments!