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All About Pores – Spring’s here and with it comes clogged pores.

Spring’s here and with it comes clogged pores.
Spring and summer are the most common months to start having clogged pores, aka: acne problems. this is heavily due to the sun causing makeup to sweat off, as well as pollen and other natural debris falling onto your face throughout a nice day outside. Nobody wants clogged pores, everyone gets them, and it’s usually expensive to get rid of them with pore strips or masks, and then acne treatments for when it’s too late.
So here’s a few ways to get rid of clogged pores with things you may already have at home.

For best results, before using ANY of these recipes: Remove all makeup, Cleanse your face, then Steam open your pores with a hot shower or a hot wet washcloth on the area for at least 1 minute, or until the washcloth has started to cool.

Homemade Pore Strip Mask:
Step 1: Mix up 1 egg white with 1 teaspoon of water until nice and frothy.
Step 2: Apply an even layer of the egg mixture to your face or the ‘affected’ area.
Step 3: Cover the areas lightly with a single layer of toilet paper, separated into the individual squares, and press each sheet down lightly until it becomes transparent.
Step 4: Wait 10 minutes or until the mask is entirely dry, then starting from the edge, peel the mask away slowly.
Step 5: Wash your face with cold water to close up your pores and remove any excess dried egg.

Then you’re done. You can enjoy your fresh, blackhead free (or at least reduced), tightened and glowing skin. This mask is light enough to use every other day, or twice a week if you have sensitive skin.

Quick Nose Strips:
This homemade pore strip has only one ingredient. A bottle of non-toxic, washable Elmer’s glue. That’s right, the stuff you used when you were little to glue on sequins is now going to prevent your acne. Talk about multi-purpose!

Just dab a little Elmer’s glue onto your nose. You want a layer thick enough to peel off, but not enough to be white on your nose or to take too long to dry. Smear it across your nose, even onto your cheeks, wherever you have clogged pores or are prone to pimples. Let this dry completely. Feel free to fan it or use a blow dryer on a cool setting.

Once it’s completely dry, pull up the end, it should catch on a nail pretty easily. Pull it up very slowly, trying to keep it in one piece. Any blackheads that you had should be attached in porcupine like form to the glue. Much better than being in your nose.

Easy Facial Film Strips:
All you’ll need is 1 tablespoon of Unflavored Gelatin and 1 1/2 tablespoons of milk.

Mix the two ingredients together and microwave for 10 seconds until slightly warm. Use a clean cosmetic brush to apply the mixture to any areas of the skin with blackheads. Rinse the brush immediately, and allow the mix to dry on your skin for about 10 to 15 minutes, until it forms a stiff film on your face. Peel off the film slowly and rinse with cold water.

There you have it, three easy ways to avoid spending money on special pore strips when you can just use something that you already have around the house, for the same results, with some extra benefits for your skin.