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An Eyelash Powertool!

This week on, I found a great little coupon for $1.50 off any two N.Y.C. makeup items. I figured I would cut it out and see if there was anything I needed”¦ or worse”¦ wanted. In regards to makeup, I was pretty set on most of my color items””eyes, lips, cheeks””so I was’t really in need of any of those. Although, I am completely in love their waterproof eyeliner in black, so I figured I’d grab an extra one of those. But what else could my extensive glamour ensemble possibly need?
I went to the store and began browsing the display. Sadly, I kept looking over items saying “Have it, got it, do’t need it, do’t use it.” Then, my eyes glanced downwards beyond all the glosses, sticks, powders and wands.

And there it was: An eyelash curler.

New “tools” never really crossed my mind as an item I could use. But there they were. I recently just read in a magazine that you should change your eyelash curler‘s cushion every time you change your mascara (every three months) and you should replace the entire curler once a year. Now, that’s a bit steep if you have decided to invest in one of those Shu Uemura Eyelash Curlers, which can retail upwards to $20. But the one I had been using I bought at a drugstore over four years ago, and I do’t think I had ever changed the little cushion. Oh dear.

So, along with my backup eyeliner, I picked up N.Y.C.’s Eyelash Curler. There were two features about this curler that I really liked. First, it has a spring-action movement, which ensures controlled curling each time. None of my other curlers ever had that feature. The other thing that I really liked was the non-silicone pads that it came with. (It came with one already in it, and a spare as well). These pads allow for easy cleanup once a week. What was even more awesome about these pads is that they allow me to curl my lashes before OR after I use my mascara, without the lashes sticking to the curler. I know many makeup artists cringe at the thought of crimping after applying mascara, but just as many experts says if you let your first coat of mascara dry thoroughly (approx. 1-2 hours), there is no reason why you ca’t curl them again. Especially with this curler and its non-stick pads.
The price the eyelash curler was more than reasonable ($3.99), plus I had the $1.50 off coupon for two items. To make things even better, Rite Aid Pharmacy has all N.Y.C. items for 40% from now through 4/9. Now THAT’S a deal! I think I may just have to take a stroll back over there tomorrow and utilize that coupon one more time before the sale runs out. I’m sure if I look long enough, I’ll find SOMETHING I can use!!
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