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Are Chemial Peels the Real Deal?

I am the fan of the old saying, “Age gracefully”. However, keeping my skin fresh and wrinkle/blemish free is part of my aging routing. On my quest to rejuvinate my skin, I stumbled across Chemical Peels, used by many celebs to keep their skin looking youthful. After days of researching, I finally found a Medispa in Soho NYC named – Skin Spa. After speaking to the very professional and sweet receptionist, I decided to give them a try.
I was torn between the Microdermabrasion (which I have tried in the past – I’ll explain my experience in another post) and the Power Peel.  After discussing my concerns with the esthetician, we decided the best procedure for my skin and concerns would be the peel.

Generally there are different strengths of peels: Salicylic, Lactic and Glycolic. With the strength, I was not given a choice, my esthetician determined which strength would work best – Lactic. Basically, these peels act like acids and gently help remove the top layer of skin, leaving behind softer and newer skin.

The acid tingled a bit, but it was not painful at all. Following this, my face was cleansed, masked and moisturized. The procedure was quick and I was able to do it on my lunch break.

The results are amazing! Softer skin and I did notice a glow. However, to see major results, a few treatments of the acid are required. (I have an appointment in two weeks and I will give updates.)
I love the way my skin looks and feels and I would definitely recommend this procedure. HOWEVER, MAKE SURE TO RESEARCH THE FACILITY YOU SELECT. MAKE SURE YOU ARE COMFORTABLE AND MORE IMPORTANTLY, READ REVIEWS!!!

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