Argan Oil: Good for Food and Beauty Treatment




In every year, there are some beauty products being popularized by the companies. It seems that observation and invention never come to an end. Some ingredients with their wonderful functions for beauty are introduced to the public. 
Each product tries to beat the other products or competitors. In this case, pure Argan oil comes as a new rival for the other beauty products. 
It comes in the market to attract women who want to look much more beautiful. It is a traditional effort if the beauty product attracts its would-be customers with a wonderful promising result. 
In this case, it has been proved that by applying Argan oil, women will find their truly confidence with their beauty.
Understanding Argan Oil
Those who have never heard Argan oil have to know what it is and where it comes from first. This is the basic knowledge to ensure them that it is not fraud. 
Argan oil is made of nuts of Argan tree. This tree is grown in Morocco exclusively. Based on the scientific research, it has been reported that it contains vitamin E in high level. Besides, it has important fatty acids as well. Based on this fact, at least, people understand that it is not a harmful ingredient for body.


In America, it is considered as something new. However, it is different for Frenchmen or Englishmen. There were some tourists from France and England visiting Morocco several years ago. They found that it was sold in the market of Provence. The sellers offered this oil along with olive and lavender oils. 




At first, the popularity of this oil was based on the Moroccan King Mohammad VI’s effort that wanted to promote the women’s rights. By popularizing it, women at that place were able to harvest the nuts and produce the oil. As the result, they got income. 
Regardless the fact that the popularity of this oil was not related to its health or beauty benefits. People at that time believed that there was a significant benefit offered by this oil.
Having been researched, it has been noticed that Argan oil contains vitamin E. At first, it has been used for cooking. 
Nowadays, the formula has been found in which it can be applied for cosmetic purpose. Because of its effectiveness for beauty purpose, it is also called liquid gold. Nevertheless, people cannot take the advantages of it if they don’t get this pure Argan oil.
 It means that pure is a key to get the benefits from this oil.
The Benefits of Argan Oil for Beauty Treatment
It has been reported that pure Argan oil is beneficial for beauty. The first part of human body which can get the benefit of this oil is hair. It cannot be neglected that hair is a part of human body especially women which takes an essential role to enhance their beauty. 
Therefore, hair cannot be forgotten as a part to have a little touch in beauty treatment. Since Argan oil is rich in vitamin E, this oil is good for those who have frizzy hair. It is able to tame this kind of hair.



Ethnic or curly hair will not be a matter anymore. It is moisturizing and shining the hair as well. Applying this oil while the hair is still damp will make the hair little shiny and get moisturized.
Those who have dry hair usually have dry scalp as well. As the result, this oil can also be a correct treatment for this problem. However, certain procedure needs to be followed in order to get better result. 
This oil has to be applied before bed in order that the oil can moisturize the scalp for whole night. In the morning, they are ready to wash their hair using clean water. A cotton ball can be used to apply this oil. By the cotton ball which has been applied with the oil, they dab their scalp gently.
Face is a part of human body which might get some skin problems such as stretch marks or scars due to acne. 



Pure Argan oil is an effective scar removal product to heal the scars on the face. Any stretch marks can be eliminated since it is able to nourish the skin from within. Therefore, the broken tissues and cells will be repaired and renewed. As the result, the scars or stretch marks will be vanished and skin looks new and flawless.
Unfortunately, the scars or stretch marks are not only found on the face. It also occurs on the body. Pregnant women usually have them especially in the seventh month of their pregnancy. 
By applying this oil, the scars will be less visible or even banished. Since moisturizing is the main role of this oil, pure Argan oil can moisturize the body as well. It is similar to the cream or lotion to complete the beauty treatment after shower.
Nail art has been trend right now. Some women want to enhance their beauty by painting their nails. However, it is useless if their nails are cracking or peeling. Long nails are usually prone to cracking. 
Therefore, certain product to protect them from cracking is highly required. In this case, applying pure Argan oil will make their nails well protected from cracking. As the result, women can apply any kinds of nail art that they desire to have.
Beauty of Argan Oil as Food



Even though Argan oil for food is not as popular as for beauty treatment, a lot of chefs have used this oil to invent a new food. In fact, it is tasting oil which has similarity with jam. It can be sprinkled in salads or paired with the bread. Now some soups are using this oil to make unique taste without neglecting delicacy.
For the times being, people understand pure Argan oil. Actually, people have already known and used this oil for long time. People nowadays are following the old tradition with little invention. 


With scientific research, they notice that it is beneficial for beauty. In addition, this oil is also good as food. In short, there is no reason to avoid implementing or consuming this oil for health and beauty altogether.
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