Argireline serum – Botox alternative

Argireline serum – Botox alternative

The ageing of the skin is caused by two groups of factors:

Internal (endogenous) and external (exogenous). The internal factors are heredity and age, while the external are the environmental influences, of which the ultraviolet rays are most harmful. They cause the formation of free radicals which attack the cells and the elastic fibers of the skin, significantly accelerating the ageing process.

Even though it cannot be stopped, the process of ageing of the skin can be visibly delayed by influencing its causes.

Our anti-wrinkle cosmetic series is specifically developed to meet all the needs of your skin. The facial serum containing Argireline (also called “an alternative to Botox”) and ferulic acid combines the relaxing effect of Argireline on the facial muscles and the nourishing and soothing effect of the acid.

The serum contains 3% acetyl hexapeptide-3 (ARGIRELINE®) + 1,8% ferulic acid. These are peptides synthesized from natural amino acids: innovative and high-tech products which are very popular on the market for professional cosmetics.

These products are specifically developed as ingredients for cosmetic products which smooth out the expressive lines. ARGIRELINE® and ferulic acid are unmatched in the battle with the ageing of the skin. The combination of the two ingredients enhances their independent effects and combines their characteristics to give you a safe and non-toxic alternative to the botulinum toxin, which has gained a bad reputation.

The use of ARGIRELINE® helps to achieve a similar anti-wrinkle effect with topical application at your home at a considerably lower price and without the side effects characteristic of Botox injections (discomfort and pain, skin hemorrhages, headache, swelling, stiff expression and facial assimetry).

Similarly to the botulinum toxin, the activity of ARGIRELINE® is directed towards a specific protein complex responsible for the nerve fibers connected to emotions which contract the muscles of facial expression.

However, in contrast to Botox which destroys this complex and completely blocks the nerve impulses causing partial paralysis of the facial muscles, ARGIRELINE® only destabilizes the complex. Therefore the muscles of facial expression relax which leads to smoothing of the skin and reduced formation of lines and wrinkles, especially on the forehead and around the eyes.


Supplement Facts:

Argireline- Botox alternative

represents a new scientific breakthrough achieved through the process of thorough investigation of the biochemical mechanisms which inhibit ageing. This substance was obtained after a long study on the synthesis of peptides in facial skin. Argireline is non-toxic, it acts on the level of neuromuscular impulses and leads to relaxation of the muscles of facial expression (myorelaxation) thus preventing the formation of lines and smoothing the skin. Moreover, Argireline suppresses the excessive production of catecholamines which contribute to the formation of wrinkles and thin expression lines on the face. Its application is both absolutely safe and very effective. Many renowned dermatologists call it “an alternative to Botox” or “plant Botox”.

Argireline is a safe, non-toxic alternative to Botox which provides efficient smoothing of the expression lines.

After treatment with products based on Argireline, there is a reduction in the muscle memory which leads to the gradual limitation of specific expressions with a wonderful rejuvenating effect.

Ferulic acid

is a phenolic compound found in most abundant quantities in argan oil and the cell walls of some plants. It is healthy due to its antioxidant activity and catalyzes the production of aromatic compounds in the skin. Its antioxidant activity is increased even more during exposition to ultraviolet rays. It easily turns into an efficient shield against the sunshine at noon and early afternoon which is very harmful to our skin. It is understandable why ferulic acid deserves its place as an important ingredient in different anti-ageing serums and cosmetic products. It is one of the main ingredients in high class cosmetics


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