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Baldness and Hair loss: Women’s Disease Also

Nowadays, significant thinning hair in women is a largely increasing issue that troubles over 32 million American women of nearly every age group. How our hair works is that every single month, our hair grows at about .5 of an inch. Once our hair grows out of the scalp, our hair sort of “rests” for […]

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Chopping Your Hair Off

The basic idea of cutting our hair short to improve the look to a smaller style may be the hardest decisions to make. If you like me, I have beautiful long flowing hair and absolutely FEAR cutting all those years of growing it out. As a mother, it seems to be much easier to have […]

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How to Enhance Your Body’s Silhouette

When I’m in a crowded place, I really enjoy people watching.  Everyone’s body’s are so unique and different.  Some of us have tiny, thin physiques and others of us have larger physiques.  What I like always say is let’s really try not to modify how we look, but rather accept who we are and what […]

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The Ultimate in Skin-Hydration

With temperatures continuing to plunge even further below the thermometer scale, it is no surprise that we are beginning to see the effects such wintery weather is having on our skin. So how can we keep skin hydrated this December? Using an excellent moisturizer a few times a day is the answer! The golden rule. By drinking […]

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Seven Natural Anti-Wrinkle Skin Care Masks

Seven Natural Anti-Wrinkle Skin Care Masks Mask of Potato This mask returns good looks to the tired face and “erase” wrinkles. This mask involves baking a potato puree. Then another raw potato mash and mix with the puree. Spread this mixture on the face, neck and arms and leave it for 20 minutes. Later on Rinse […]