Shopping for a Beauty Queen: The Dos and Don’ts

I assume that if you’re following this blog, then you probably have a pretty decent understanding of all things beauty. But just because you have all that knowledge doesn’t mean the people buying you gifts this holiday season do!   Sneakily print this article out and slip it under your significant other’s/parent’s/clueless bestfriend’s pillow to […]

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Find Your Perfect Moisturizer

Tomorrow is the first day of December, and unless you’re lucky enough to live somewhere tropical like Hawaii, it’s probably starting to get cold outside. I absolutely love winter, from snow days to Christmas! But with chilly weather comes one downside – talk about dry skin!   The combination of my normal facial soaps and […]

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The Finishing Touches: Setting Sprays and Powders

Nothing’s worse than spending all morning painstakingly applying makeup to your face only to look in the mirror five hours later and find that it’s melted off! Instead of carrying around all your favorite products to constantly reapply, consider investing in a finishing product. (There were lots of good samples in Sephora’s It Kit #3!) […]