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Baby It’s Cold Outside!! Winter Skin Care Tips

Winter wants to battle with your skin. Are you prepared?

Fall is here and winter will be here before we know it! And you? You are still following the same skin care routines that you did when it was warm out. Have no fear this article is for you!

Most people do not realize how important it is to construct a strict skin care regimen in the winter.  Winter means dry, cold, windy air.  This can leave the skin cracked, peeling, dry, irritated, red and chapped.  The very bottom line is skin (exposed skin) does not get proper circulation when it is cold outside, which makes the skin pale, discolored and dry.  In addition, though the air is cold, the sun is still hot, and burning already damaged skin.Proper precautions have to be made in order to not only stay warm, but moisturized and free from skin damage. Let’s make sure those rosy cheeks are from sheer happiness, and not winter damage.

Drink Water

Just because it is not hot outside does not mean that you should reduce your water intake. Drink as much water as you would during the summer or at the least the recommended glasses of water a day. Depending on what expert you talk to, water may or may not do anything for the skin.  But from my understanding, more water=more circulation and that is just what the skin needs.

Seek a Specialist

This is the best (and probably only) time that I would recommend you find an esthetician.  Give her your current skin care regimen, and let her give you recommendations to keep the skin in good health. Do not allow them to recommend expensive products, you are paying for marketing, not quality products. There are a ton of affordable alternatives when it comes to your skin.

Put the blow dryer away

If your skin is already dry, the only thing that the hot heat from a dryer is going to do is make the scalp and the skin on the face dry, thus causing more problems. Give your hair time to dry naturally. If you must dry your hair using a blow dryer, apply a small amount of oil to the scalp and use a heat protectant on the hair.


A good body scrub will remove all the dry dead skin cells. Any old body scrub will do, no need to break your piggy bank when body scrubs are essentially the same- rough.

Moisturize but…

It is time to put that body lotion away. Body lotions and body creams are nothing more than water, oils, and perfumes (most being water).  We do not need water on the skin right now, it will only dry out. This is the time to find an ointment-like substance for the skin or body oils that are right for dry skin.  Ointments like Aquaphor are great because it can be used on the skin, on the lips, and is excellent for babies.
Get better familiar with body oils that contain avocado oil, primrose oil, mineral oil,and olive oil. Beware of Shea butter, it will work wonders for the skin, but can clog the pores on your face. Please do not use butter, shortening, or similar oils. They do nothing more than settle on top of the skin. Products with glycerin are also good to use. They attract moisture to the skin.
When moisturizing the face, timing is important. You have to give the moisturizer time to soak in, especially on the face.  Apply facial moisturizers 15-30 minutes before leaving.
Also make sure you know what the difference in the essential types of moisturizers that you should be using at this time of year:
  • Humectants- Humectants retain moisture thus keeping skin moist and soft all day
  • Emollients- They protect the skin from dehydration
  • Occlusive- Prevents the skin from losing moisture.

Do not put that sunscreen up yet!

You probably need it just as much now as you did in the summer. Just because the air is cold does not mean that the sun will not shine as bright as it did during the summer, and emit UV rays. Apply sunscreen to any exposed part of the skin.  Remember the sun will reflect off snow and you can still be sunburned and/or put yourself at risk of skin cancer.

Eliminate hot baths

We get it, you’re tired. You need to relax, what better way to do that than a long hot bath? That hot water is drying out your skin. Take lukewarm baths with a bath oil or oatmeal. Avon’s Skin So Soft would be perfect. Same for showers, lukewarm.

Put the harsh facial chemicals up

Reduce or eliminate astringents and alcohol. They do nothing more than further dry the face. Try something more moisturizing, like a cleansing oil or milk.

Air needs moisture too

Purchase some mini humidifiers and place in  each room.  This will put moisture in the air and hydrate the skin.  Using one big humidifier in one room will not give a good and even balance of moisture all over the house. Check with a mass merchant like Walmart or Target to get the best price on a few mini humidifiers. Beware, do not let the air get too moist, then you face the risk of mold growth.

Stop licking your lips

It may be sexy to some people, but licking your lips makes them chapped. Put on a good lip balm before you go outside and brace the cold.

Love your gloves

Second to lips, the hands are one of the most common damaged areas during the winter time.  Try a good hand salve and wear gloves every time you walk out of the door. Your hands will thank you later.