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Hopefully by the time you read this, I’ll be on a plane destined for New York City! I absolutely love traveling, but it can be such a pain to figure out which of my numerous beauty products to pack. Use the following the tips the next time you’re jet-setting to save space and get the most out of your makeup supplies.


Stick to the essentials

In a perfect world, I’d have my new highlighter on hand to help illuminate my favorite features, but is it actually essential to my favorite looks? Not exactly. When you’re packing each item, ask yourself, “Do I really need this, or do I just want it?” Personally, I would flail without my favorite mascara or foundation, but other items I know I can still look great with. Pack what’s important and skip the rest.


Stock up on sample sizes

Travel-sized products are your best friends when it comes to vacation. Have some empty sample containers on hand that you can transfer a little bit of your full-sized products in to so you don’t have to work about taking up space. And, even when you’re not planning a trip, always keep your eye out for ways to score samples, whether it’s through subscription services or contacting a company directly. It was so nice while I was packing this week to know that I already had travel sized cleanser, shampoo, conditioner, and even mascara on hand!


Bring dual-use products

Instead of packing a lip product and blush, why not just a single lip/cheek tint? Once again, it’s all about saving space, and there’s less that you have to remember to take home with you. Don’t think you own any dual-use products? You might be surprised! Check out this thread for inventive, new ways to use different products. For example, could your favorite eye primer work as a concealer? Could your go-to eyeshadow also be a great highlighter? Experiment!


Pack up so everything arrives in one piece

It’s tempting to just start shoving products in your make up bag, especially if you’re anything like me and save packing for last minute. But remember – luggage can be bumped, tossed, and even dropped. Will your cosmetics stand the test? Pad breakable items, like lipsticks or compacts, between sponges, cotton pads, or other soft items you might be packing. Product your brush set by putting them in a separate bag so the bristles don’t get messed up.



I can’t wait to share the details of my NYC trip with y’all! On Friday, I’ll tell you what items to pack in your airplane carry on, and look out on Tuesday for a post about my favorite new beauty destinations in the Big Apple! Until then, tell me how you decide what to pack in your cosmetics bag in the comments!