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Why You Need Your “Beauty Sleep”

Dehydrated skin, dull tone, wrinkled complexion, dark circles, puffy eyes with more bags than a Tetley Tea display. Sound sexy to you? Probably not. But that’s what you might be faced with on nights that you do not get a good night’s sleep!! Ouch. Insert reality check here.

You know, they DO call it “beauty sleep” for a reason! Just like the rest of your body, your skin and complexion benefit immensely from an adequate night’s sleep. You might think it’s all about the cleanser, moisturizer, anti-aging products and makeup to keep yourself looking your best. But actually, the real work is done with no make up on at all”¦ while you sleep. Let’s take a moment to learn why a good night’s rest is so important to your skin and your fight against aging:


      • Skin likes the dark! – Things like vitamins, retinoids and other anti-aging ingredients in makeup products lose their potency in the sun. When you use your anti-aging products at night, while its dark and you’re sleeping, your skin absorbs them more and you get more of the benefits that these ingredients provide.


      • All hail to the new cells! ““ During the night while you sleep, your skin “makes” new cells, pushing the dull, dead, older cells up and out of the way. It is important that you wash your face every morning, even if you washed it before bed. You need to get that layer of “old stuff” off your face. (This is the perfect time for exfoliating!)


    • Dash away damage! ““ During the day, your face and skin are bombarded with all sorts of gunk. Allergens, pollutants, damaging sun rays, etc. Just like your body has the immune system to fight off germs when you are around sick people, your body needs its down time when sleeping to fight off all the damaging elements that it incurred during the day. That way it can recharge for the next day’s battle.

Using a good night repair cream filled with anti-oxidants can give your ski’s repair process a bit of a boost to help keep you looking your best. It will also help “carry the load” so to speak. So instead of your skin having to do all of those age-fighting things by itself, the night cream can help. This will give the night shift of your ski’s cell renewal process a break so it can have more strength and stamina to handle the tougher aggressors it will face the next day.

So, now that you know about the necessity of a good night’s sleep AND a good night cream, what does Sassy suggest? I have personally tried each of these and love how they work:

Ole Henriksen “Invigorating Night Gel” ($45.00)

Befine “Night Cream” ($30.00)

Yes To Blueberries “Nightly Age Refresh Regimen” ($36.00)