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Benefit of Rose Water for Skin Care

Dated back to the 10th century when people in Asian and European countries used roses for almost everything in their daily needs – mainly for health and skin care. Roses, as we all know, are also a symbol of love and romance. Some might say, to give a woman rose water is better than to give them expensive jewelry. How is that possible? Here are some beauty facts and benefits that you might or might not know about Rose Water.
1. What is Rose Water?

Rose water is made out of the distilled water of the rose petals. It is the most common by-product received from the distillation, other than the oil. It has a very sweet and pleasant taste and fragrance that can be therapeutic as well as soothing for the skin.

2. What are the benefits for skin care?

Rose water is rich with Vitamins, such as, Vitamin A, C, D, E and B3, as well as a natural anti-bacterial. Thus, it is used religiously by cosmetologists and aestheticians all around the world. It is one of the essential ingredients to treat any type of skin, from oily, acne-prone skin, to dry, flaky and irritated skin. Rose water also helps to restore our skin’s ph-balance to treat dull skin and to prevent from early aging and wrinkles.

3. How to use Rose Water?

Rose water can be used by itself and/or mixed with other ingredients to make the perfect skin treatment.

–  Rose Water Spray: Pour the rose water in a spray bottle and spritz your face with it during the day or at the end of a very tiring day. This use of rose water is effective to soothe and freshen up your skin, especially during those hot summer days.

–  Lemon Juice and Rose Water Face Mask: This facial mask is good for oily and acne-prone skin. Lemon juice is rich with Vitamin C to keep your skin looking fresh, toned and young. It also contains AHA or Alpha Hydroxy Acid, which acts as an anti-bacterial, and to reduce the oiliness of the skin. The AHA is also a treatment for acne scars and blemishes. Extract a fresh lemon to get 1 tablespoon of juice into a small bowl. Add a tablespoon of rose water into the bowl. Mix them well. Apply to your freshly washed face (wash with warm water ) evenly and let it stay for 10 minutes. Rinse with cold water, then apply a face toner to close up the pores.

–  Rose Water Facial Toner: You can get this toner at any beauty store or organic health store, or better yet, make your own Rose Water Facial Toner. This toner is great for both oily and dry skin. Apply the toner after you have washed your face, this acts as a mild astringent to help your skin looking radiant.

My own personal experience with Rose Water go way back during my childhood. Spending most of my childhood years in Asia, I remember my grandmother would always have a bottle of  Rose Water, and cleansed her face with it.  Until this day, using Rose Water has been a part of my daily routine, mostly as a toner.
You can search for other beauty remedies and treatments and try out which one works for your skin. It is nice to know that when we’re given a bouquet of roses for special occassions, we can certainly make good use of the petals, instead of just let them sit in the vase and throw them out after.