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Birchbox is a $10 monthly, beauty subscription. You get a box of samples based on your profile sent to you monthly or you have an option of choosing the monthly curated box with samples chosen ahead of time by Birchbox for the month. To find out more about Birchbox and to join the Birchbox forum, go to the dedicated Birchbox forum on MakeupTalk. We are Birchbox enthusiasts and have a dedicated forum just for Birchbox so that all Birchbox enthusiasts can unite and chat about Birchbox. Check the latest about the March Birchbox and share your box with the community! We want to hear from you!

Just recently Birchbox announced a new Select Beta program where it now costs you a little more than $10 but gives you more freedom to choose. Here is a verbiage from their website. You can sign up here for the new Birchbox Select.

What is Birchbox Select Beta?

Birchbox Select Beta is our new subscription offering that will give customers more flexibility and control over their monthly Birchbox experience. For $15 a month, customers who participate in this beta test will get access to new customization options, which now include the ability to select from a number of needs-based boxes (for example: Dry Skin or Color-Treated Hair), to pick or skip specific types of products in your next box, or to swap your monthly box for Birchbox Points to spend in our Shop.

Here is a graphic to show you the differences between the current $10 plan and the new monthly Birchbox Select Beta plan.

birchbox select beta

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