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Brides to Be…Beauty Tips to Get You Ready for Your Big Day

Brides to Be…Beauty Tips to Get You Ready for Your Big Day

Beauty Tips for the Bride-to-be

  • When it comes to the location, the dress, the food, and the flowers, everything is complicated. Your beauty regimen should’t be. Bella Schneider, celebrity esthetician and owner of LaBelle Day Spas & Salon, makes sure your beauty regimen is perfect for the big day. Bella has established five bridal tips, which will help make your day flawless and fabulous.

Facial Facts

  • Bella advises that every bride-to-be should start treating her skin to monthly facial treatments 4-6 months prior to her wedding. Your facial should best fit your skin conditions (clarifying, detoxifying, anti-aging, etc.) in order to receive the benefits of the treatment. If you want that glowing, radiant look on your big day, start this process early and all eyes will be on you.

Sun Safety

  • Every beauty rule of thumb is to protect your skin, so do’t let sun damage ruin your sparkle. Bella suggests that the bride, always wear her sunscreen…especially two weeks prior to walking down the aisle. Getting a sunburn during this time period will make you not a blushing bride, but a peeling bride- not the look you were going for, right?

Rehearsal Ritual

  • Before the big day, ther’s always a rehearsal dinner and rehearsal ceremony. Bella recommends a rehearsal hair and make-up run through as well. Make sure your hair is exactly to your liking, as well as your make-up so that there are’t any surprises the day of. This run through will fix last-minute quirks, which is the last thing you want to be worrying about before walking down the aisle.

Hydration Station

  • This should already be part of your daily skin care ritual, but before your wedding Bella suggests that the bride-to-be especially hydrates her skin and under eyes with antioxidant rich night cream to prevent under eye bags. Your skin should be fresh and exuberant before your wedding day. If you follow a daily skin care ritual, stick to it– and if you do not, find one and follow it!

Perfect Shade of Tan

  • If you’re looking for that shimmering faux wedding day glow before your big day, Bella recommends finding your perfect spray tan shade at least 4 months before to prevent a streaky/uneven color. We all have our spray tan horror stories– your wedding day is not the day for such a story. Make sure to plan ahead to find the best airbrush technician as well as shade to match your skin tone.

LaBelle with Celebrity Esthetician Bella Schneider
CEO and LaBelle Day Spas & Salons founder, Bella Schneider, personally formulates and designs the LaBelle Facial protocols. She also creates internationally renowned, innovative and lush treatments for the spa and salon industries. Bella is available by appointment to discuss the latest ingredients and treatments that keep your skin looking youthful at any age.