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Brush Me Into a Wonderful World of Makeup!

Is it possible to do good makeup without having the Makeup-Brushes-cosmetic-brushesright makeup tools?
That is the age old question when we are on vacation or simply on a weekend trip.  Sometimes, we as perfect self-made makeup artists are faced with having to do our own makeup with insufficient tools for the job.  We have to make due.  Have you ever heard of a backyard mechanic?  Would a professional mechanic complete a tough mechanical work with some tools that were”¦”not exactly the right tools”?  Very doubtful!  I mean, after all, we are all professional Makeup Artists in our own way, right?  Between the ages, no matter if you are 9 or 90 years old, no matter if you wear a little makeup or a lot, touch it a lot or hardly at all, everyone loves to learn more about Makeup.  It’s a very exciting topic these days online with the beauty communities and makeup blogs that have popped up in the last 10 years.  When women come together, they seem to all enjoy discussing and comparing. Makeup shows emotion, power, demurity, timidness, excitement, and happiness amongst many other things.

The right tools would include brushes and applicators are much more helpful for a perfect face design, we all know this.  Ok, so, every makeup product from eye mascara to lipstick to blush comes with their own applicator.  Make sure you are looking at these “low use” free items when you purchase makeup or cosmetics.  Using the proper brush for your makeup is important.  I mean, hey, would any famous painter use inferior brushes?  Maybe, in a pinch eh?  Talking about brushes, let’s talk about them.  You should wash your brushes often.  With proper care, cosmetic brushes will last a long time.  Take some liquid soap and head over to the kitchen and use some warm water, rubbing them gently and most important, rub them in the direction of the bristles.  It’s very interesting, the more I wash the brushes, the softer they get.   Once done washing them, hang them vertically to dry so that they maintain their shapes. When my brushes are all dried, they feel wonderful on the face. Makeup brushes do not last forever and can be costly. Update your makeup applicators and brushes easily with a list of effective and affordable tools, but if you take care of them, they will reward you will a longer life. Good brushes can be affordable. Makeup brushes do not last forever and can be costly. Update your makeup applicators and brushes easily with a list of effective and affordable tools, but if you take care of them, they will reward you will a longer life.Makeup-Brushes-cosmetic-brushes
Brush me into a wonderful world of Makeup!
Cosmetic makeup brushes are designed with straight, tapered, or chiseled ended bristles, and can be used as per the specific look that you desire to achieve.
Cosmetic or Makeup Brush Selection:
Take a good hard look at the heights and the width of what you will using these new brushes on.  Ask yourself, what brush fits into your crease of the eye.  What one will circle the cheeks well along with what brush goes onto the lashline without much effect.

Largest and most rounded brush out there.  Used to sweep excess powder from your face
Blush brushes: A little more flat in shape than powder brushes.  Used to define natural cheekbones on the face
Lipstick brushes: Very small with very stuff brush ends, with a straight, pointed ends.  Used to outline the outer edges of the lips

Made of synthetic bristled as to not absorb any of the concealer product that you are.  Synthetic brushes are superior to concealer brushes made from natural hair:  Used for concealing blemishes and small imperfections.  Concealer is the little “white lie” of the makeup world, we all know it.

Refined, gentle brush tip.  They are perfect for reaching the inner and outer lash line for ultra thin and smooth application.

Mascara usually comes with a sturdy brush that applies mascara evenly to the eye lashes. Some mascara brushes also come with small comb like bristles to remove excess mascara from the eye lashes.

Holding your brush’s handle is just as important as the bristles are important.  What you get out of your makeup applicator brush depends on how you hold it.  One important thing is not to grip that brush too hard!  Do’t pinch it! Hold it lightly and allow it to glide along your contours of your face. I prefer wooden, natural brush handles.
ECO Friendly brushes are one of the hottest items right now.  They are made of “compostable” brush handles and synthetic hairs for the bristles.