Buyers Guide: Purchasing Foundation

Foundation is exactly what it means. It is the foundation or the base of your face. Women make the fatal mistake on a regular basis of wearing a foundation shade that is the wrong color for their face.  Here are some tips to purchasing foundation to ensure that you have the best match and formulation, for a perfect makeup look:

Know your skin type

The first thing that has to be done before you do anything in regards to foundation is to know what kind of skin you have, and you need to have your skin in excellent condition.  Let’s first determine what kind of skin you have:
*Normal- This skin is oil free, elastic, vibrant and supple all on its own. Normal skin tends to have no issues with wrinkles, rampant acne, or enlarged pores.
*Dry- dry skin is like a clean sheet of typing paper. Clear, clean, but the feel is what lets you know that the skin is dry.  Dry skin feels dry, flaky, and tight.
*Oily- oily skin is a very problematic skin type, more so than dry skin.  Oily skin tends to be the oiliest around the cheeks, nose, and forehead. Oily skin looks greasy, thick, coarse and shiny.  It often has enlarged pores and tends to be always under the attack of acne.
*Combination- this is the most common amongst women.  Combination  skin tends to be oily around the nose and forehead, and normal everywhere else.
*Sensitive- sensitive skin is very tight, dry, and can become irritated at the drop of a dime.  It is very fragile and you have to beware when applying foundations to it.

Shade Matching

Now that we have found a brand we like, now we have to make some decisions on a color. Your shade should match your skin as much as possible.  I recommend going to the counter, because someone there can help you find the shade you need, and using a tester there will be easier than say a drugstore. You may have to purchase a color that you ‘think’ matches you and face the risk of having to return it and get another bottle. This is ok if you live near a department store.
If you make the choice to not get someone to help you, please take this one bit of advice and use it forever more: DO NOT SWATCH FOUNDATION ON YOUR HAND AND CALL IT A MATCH!!! If you are like me, a habitual dishwasher, baby booty washer, chances are your hands are a few shades lighter than your face. You will buy a foundation that does not match you,because you based your decision on testing out a shade on your hand. Just don’t do it.

Foundation Types

The last thing I want to inform you about when chosing a foundation is that there are many kinds of foundations out there and one may or may not be right for you. Here are the basic kinds.

  • Liquid- normal coverage
  • Creme- heavy coverage
  • Stick- very heavy coverage
  • Liquid to powder- Goes on as a liquid, dries as a powder, normal coverage
  • Powder- light coverage
  • Tinted moisturizer- sheer coverage

Take this with you when you go out searching for foundation!