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The Truth About Going Shampoo-less

As I was scanning through the hair care forum this week, I found an interesting question by a MUT member: how can you go shampoo-less? I’ve heard mixed rumors about shampoo – some people say that shampooing too often can damage your hair, while others contend this isn’t true. What’s the truth about shampoo? What […]

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How to Get Back Your Natural Hair Color

What happens when you’ve been dyeing your hair for months, maybe even years or decades, and you decide that you finally want your ¬†natural hair color back? Impossible? No, but here are a few tips to get you going back to the original beautiful you, without a harsh chemical stripper. Step 1: Trim off the […]

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Summer Lemon “Aid”

Nothing is more refreshing on a hot day than a tall, cool glass of lemonade. Way back in the day, neighborhood children set up stands on the corner to provide people with some relief from the heat as well as make a few cents for their pockets. But in the summertime, lemons are’t just good […]

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Oil….Not just for cooking anymore!

When we think of oil, the first thing that may come to mind is what we use in our car, what we cook with and definitely our salad dressing.¬† One thing that we completely overlook is the health benefits, as well as the beauty benefits, that can be used for oil.¬† The trend right now […]

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Keratin Bonded Hair Extensions

As a young image-conscious female, I always need to look good in order to feel great. For me, having hair that looks fabulous plays a big part in looking good and is equally as important as looking after my health and my skin. I’ve always been a lover of clip-in hair extensions – I find […]