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How To – Clean Your Makeup Brushes

How To Clean and Care For Your Makeup Brushes at Home Good quality cosmetic brushes are a small investment and you want to protect and take care of your investment. Many women will spend small fortunes on their brushes as high quality brushes are very much worth the investment. They last a long time, withstand frequent washings, […]

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Benefit of Rose Water for Skin Care

Dated back to the 10th century when people in Asian and European countries used roses for almost everything in their daily needs – mainly for health and skin care. Roses, as we all know, are also a symbol of love and romance. Some might say, to give a woman rose water is better than to give […]

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A New Plastic Surgery On The Rise

Splashed across marketing campaigns everywhere, you’ll see the beautiful makeup that the models wear. You see their beautiful smooth, clear face and think “That was retouched” or “She got botox”. You see their slick, svelte figure and think to yourself “I wonder if she got a tummy tuck”. If not, then you know that their […]