Hair Care

Chopping Your Hair Off

The basic idea of cutting our hair short to improve the look to a short-hairsmaller style may be the hardest decisions to make. If you like me, I have beautiful long flowing hair and absolutely FEAR cutting all those years of growing it out. As a mother, it seems to be much easier to have short hair so that we can deal with the trials and tribulations of being a mom.
At any time we have long hair, don’t automatically assume that cutting your hair short will break your entire bank. There are many ways to get a bargain hair cut. Chopping off all of your hair(when you have long hair) can be a life changing experience. Although, in some occasions of our life, things flood us with nothing greater than a change and making a change like chopping off all of you hair is a large challenge.
Your hair is perhaps one of the things that will allows to make a mark our fashion; the way we look.We have infinite choices to do with a good new hair-do, which is not always feasible only with costumes and also makeup. The basic idea of performing this action of chopping off all your hair is very exciting regarding change involved, however, it can certainly also result in uncertainty(no pun intended) we confront something we do not recognize because of the level of change we may bring upon our bodies. Psychologically, oftentimes we use our hair to hide coming from others, hair provides for us security as we produce the feeling that camouflaging our faces, also can conceal our ideas and emotions in the rest of the world. This makes us less prone to the gaze involving others. Therefore, it requires a good dose associated with security and self-confidence to produce the change.

Having A Short Hairstyle…the pros of short hair:


  • Washing time is cut in half
  • Styling time is cut by 2/3s
  • Tangles are a thing of the past
  • Less money to cut
  • Less money to maintain
  • people focus on your face instead of your hair

There are many ways that girls can make a bold move like chopping off all your hair. The most important is that all of us give a more youthful, fresh new and with a casual air flow that surely we should. The hair, when retained short, grows quicker, and it does exactly the same extent over the mind, which require slicing touches every so often you may not lose their condition.