Cover Up: Tinted Moisturizer or Foundation?


We’ve examined the difference between applying face makeup with fingers versus brushes without asking the essential question: what’s the best kind of face makeup, anyway? Are you a fan of tinted moisturizer or traditional foundation? Read on for some of the pros and cons – then let us know what you prefer in the comments!


Tinted Moisturizer











Why it works:

  • Combing your skin make up and moisturizer saves time in the morning.
  • Tinted moisturizer is perfect if you want a very light feel.
  • If you want a dewy glow, opt for tinted moisturizer instead of powder.


Why you should avoid it:

  • If you already have oily skin, tinted moisturizer will make it worse.
  • Tinted moisturizers tend to have less coverage.
  • The extra moisturizer may keep blushes from lasting all day.



Why it works:

  • Foundation comes in both liquid and powdered form – more variety.
  • If you have lots of redness or acne, foundation is usually a better choice.
  • Most brands offer more variations in colors for foundation than other skin makeup.


Why you should avoid it:

  • No one likes the cakey look of foundation applied with a heavy hand.
  • You still need to apply primer and moisturizer before foundation.
  • Some people find that foundation makes them more likely to break out.




Final verdict: Honestly, when it comes to tinted moisturizer versus foundation, it really depends on your skin type and personal preferences! If you have oily skin or more acne problems, you’ll want to avoid tinted moisturizer because they provide less coverage and add more moisturizer when you don’t need it! But, if you have drier skin and want a lighter, more natural coverage, than tinted moisturizer is perfect for you!


Need some recommendations? For a good tinted moisturizer, try Urban Decay’s new Naked Skin Beauty Balm. Want a awesome foundation? NARS Sheer Glow Foundation could be perfect for you! What other brands do you prefer? Let us know in the comments! 



Recommended Products:

  • Urban Decay Naked Skin Beauty Balm
  • NARS Sheer Glow Foundation


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