Cream vs. Powered Eyeshadows

With the millions of color combinations from even just one brand, deciding what eye shadows to wear each morning can take ages. Have you thought about the other important decision you have to make – cream eyeshadows or powder eyeshadows? Each form of eye shadow has pros and cons; let’s explore and see if we can’t pick a winner!



















Why it works:

  • Cream shadows are typically more vibrant in color.
  • Many users agree that slathering on cream shadow takes less time. 
  • Use your fingers? Cream doesn’t stick as much as powder! Score!


Why you should avoid it:

  • General consensus holds that cream ends up in the crease much faster.
  • Most eye shadow lines don’t have many cream shadow options. 
  • Layering or blending with cream shadows can be hit or miss. 



Why it works:

  • Love blending? Powders make it super easy.
  • If you use a good primer, powder shadows can last you all day long. 
  • Most companies produce mostly powder shadows, so you have more options.


Why you should avoid it:

  • Don’t sneeze! Powder eye shadows can make a mess!
  • You’ll usually need more tools to apply these shadows, like brushes or sponges.
  • Powder shadows can sometimes – but not always – be less dimensional



Final verdict: Although a lot of this is based on personal preference, most beauty lovers will agree that powder shadows just have cream shadows beat! The wide range of colors and versatility beat out the benefits cream has to offer. That doesn’t mean, however, that you should experiment! Need some recommendations? Maybelline’s 24 Hour Eye Shadow are cream and are getting rave reviews from MuT members. If you’re just starting out your powder collection, try Urban Decay Naked Basics; the neutrals will be a good starting point and work well with any skin tone. 



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