Debunking the Myth: Hair Edition




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Is it just me, or does it seem like most “beauty secrets” or homegrown remedies have to do with the hair? Whether you read them in a magazine or online, chances are you know of quite a few myths floating around.


In this edition, we’ll find out the truth to some of these so-called hair secrets. This article could change your hair care routine forever! What hair secrets have you always believed? Let us know in the comments, plus what answers you didn’t expect. 





The Myth: Rinse your hair in cold water to give shine.


False! So stop torturing yourself at the end of every shower with a dousing in freezing water! The theory behind this myth is that cold water causes hair follicles to close and reflect more light. The problem with this rationale is that it assumes the cells are alive on your hair – it’s all dead up there. Check out this list for best shine serums instead. 





The Myth: Trimming your hair frequently makes it grow faster.


False! Your hair generally grows at the same rate throughout the year, give or take some fluctuation in the summer. Trimming your hair doesn’t change the speed at which your strands grow. It’s still a good idea to get get a trim every six weeks, though, to keep your hair healthy and happy!




The Myth: Stress can make your hair fall out.


True! You lose a good amount of strands every day just from normal activities, but heightened levels of stress can increase hair loss, especially if this stress lasts for an extended period of time. Just take deep breathes and relax! It’s not worth losing hair over.





The Myth: Shampoo is bad for your hair.


Well…it’s complicated! A lot of MuT members report good results by skipping shampoos or going shampoo-less. But on the other hand, some experts claim that shampoo is not as terrible as some media sources report and stress the importance of shampoo-ing at least semi-regularly to maintain healthy and hygienic hair. What does this mean for you? If you feel your hair could benefit from cutting back on shampoo, try switching between shampoo and conditioner every other day.




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Written by Courtney Brown

MakeupTalk Blogger