Debunking the Myth: Hair Removal Edition



Although I adore playing with makeup and my hair, the one beauty ritual I absolute despise is hair removal. Whether it’s shaving your legs or plunking or eyebrows, hair removal is one of those unfortunate facts of society that you just can’t avoid. So many rumors float around about how body hair grows and removes, but how much of that is true?


In this edition of debunking of the myth, we’ll discover what’s true and what’s just a myth when it comes to body hair! Does leg hair really come back thicker after you shave it? Is it actually smart to exfoliate before hair removal? We’ll discover the truth to these myths and more. Let us know in the comments which hair removal myths you’ve always believed – you might be surprised about some of the answers!



Myth: Leg hair grows back thicker after removal.

False! Although it may seem like your leg hair comes back thicker after a good shave, this just isn’t true. Hair may initially seem coarser simply because the razor causes the hair shafts to stand up straighter; the longer your leg hair grows, the softer and thinner it will seem. Think about it logically – a razor can’t change your genetics!





Myth: Hair takes longer to come back after waxing than tweezing.

False! Oops – I’ve made this mistake in a hair removal article before, proving just how popular this totally bogus myth is. Waxing and tweezing do essentially the same thing with different tools; in both processes, the hair is being gripped outside the skin and pulled off. There’s very little difference in grow time afterwards.





Myth: You should always exfoliate before shaving.

True! It’s important to exfoliate before shaving to prevent ingrown hairs afterwards. Plus, exfoliation will help clear away dead skin cells, so you’ll get a much closer (and smoother!) shave. It’s important to remember, though, that after you shave your legs will be more sensitive to sunlight, especially if you exfoliate beforehand. Make sure you use sunscreen if you plan to go outside a few hours after shaving!





Myth: Laser hair removal exposes you to dangerous radiation.

False …usually! The key point is to make sure you check that the lasers your technician is using are FDA certified. (Some clinics might opt to use cheaper lasers and should be avoided!) Lasers that have been approved do not emit any dangerous radiation. The FDA will even tell you whether the lasers being used have been proven to remove hair permanently. Definitely check out their website before your first consolation! 






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Written by Courtney Brown

MakeupTalk Blogger