Debunking the Myth: Makeup Edition





What was more fun at sleepovers as teenagers than gossiping and swapping makeup tips. A lot of these tips I learned from my fellow high schoolers has stuck with me through out the years – but just how true are these “widely known” secrets? 


In this edition, we’ll find out the truth about some of the most common makeup myths floating around. Some of the answers might surprise you! What makeup myths have you always believed? Let us know in the comments, plus what answers you didn’t expect. 





The Myth: If your makeup doesn’t smell or look bad, then it’s fine to use.


False! Yes, when food goes bad, you can almost always tell just by the smell. Sadly, makeup doesn’t work the same way. Just because something doesn’t look or smell off doesn’t mean it’s good to use. Use this useful blog post as a reference guide – generally, anything that goes around the eyes should be tossed sooner rather than later. Remember, it’s better to spend money on buying new products rather than buying medication for an eye infection!





The Myth: Sleeping in makeup can take years off your skin.


True! Just because you’re ready to fall into bed doesn’t mean you should skip washing your face! There’s a popular saying that each night you sleep in your makeup equals another day off your skin’s age. While this isn’t exactly true, the fact is that leaving makeup on over night clogs pores, which can lead to acne. Even worse, leaving mascara on can lead to inflammation of the eye that requires doctor care. Just don’t do it!




The Myth: Apply concealer after your foundation, not before.


True! Opinions vary about when you should apply concealer in your makeup routine. First, you have a better idea of how much concealer you’ll actually need – your foundation should offer some coverage. Second, applying afterwards makes it easier to blend, especially since concealer should be a couple shades lighter than your foundation. 




The Myth: Men prefer women without makeup (or, men prefer women with makeup).


False! Either way, you can’t generalize! It’s not fair to you, and it’s not fair to the men in your life. Just like we all have different preferences when it comes to what our favorite eye shadow is or what brand makes the best lip stick, every man is different when it comes to what attracts him – if he even cares about your makeup routine at all! (He probably doesn’t!) Don’t worry about what others think; wear what makes you happy. Self-confidence is what he’ll find most attractive in you.




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Written by Courtney Brown

MakeupTalk Blogger