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Whether you hear them from your best friend or your coworker, chances are you’ve heard some interesting homegrown beauty myths before – you know, the ones everyone swears by, even though they don’t seem like they’d work. How often are these legends actually true? Already we’ve debunked some common skin-care myths!


In this edition, we’ll research some of the most common nail myths out there. Can you really dry your nail polish faster by dipping them in cold water? Are pre-natal vitamins good for your nails? Learn the real truth behind these myths and more! Plus, share what nail myths you always believe in the comments!






The Myth: You can speed up your polish dry time by dipping just-painted nails in cold water.


True! If you’re worried about chipping – or if you just have something to go do – you can actually speed up your dry time by dipping your fingers in ice cold water. Prep by pouring some water in a bowl and adding ice. Paint your nails, then let air dry for about 30 seconds. Quickly dunk your hand in the water and let sit for about two minutes. (Just remember – if you’ve painted on a lot of coats at once, the inner layers do not dry as fast and therefore can still be vulnerable even if the top is dry. Make sure you paint lightly and use the ice water trick between coats.)






The Myth: White flecks on your nails indicate a calcium deficiency. 


False! No need to start chugging the milk; those irritating white dots on your nails are likely just caused by blunt force trauma to the base of your nail. It can take up to six weeks for these spots to show up, so if you notice one, it’s probably because you banged your finger against a wall over a month ago. Just be careful with your nails, and they should eventually disappear. 






The Myth: Taking pre-natal vitamins are a great way to grow your nails faster.


False! Yes, pre-natal vitamins can make your nails grow faster, but it’s not a guarantee. Even though a lot of women recommend taking these vitamins, experts caution against non-pregnant women using them. These vitamins provide important nutrients for fetuses, but the levels are higher than an average woman needs. These increased levels can lead to vomiting, nausea, constipation, and even memory loss! So not worth it!






The Myth: Gel manicures can cause cancer.


True! Or, at least, studies currently show that gel manicures increase the risk of cancer. Why? It’s all because of the UV light used to cure the polish; even worse, some salons use UV lights to speed up the drying time of normal polishes, so you should watch out even if you’re getting a regular manicure. There are already reported cases of women who have gotten skin cancer on the backs of their hand, so it’s up to you whether chip-free polish is worth it. Just make sure you know the risks!



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Written by Courtney Brown

MakeupTalk Blogger



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