Debunking the Myth: Skin Care Edition Part Two






We already uncovered the truth behind some of the most popular skin care myths out there and learned a lot about what we’re doing wrong. (Luckily, junk food doesn’t cause acne – hurrah! – but stressing out does – boo!) Of course, there are still tons of rumors floating out there. How’s a girl supposed to know what’s the right thing to do?


In this edition, we’ll research even MORE of the most common skin care myths being passed around. How exactly does SPF work? Does ice really help puffy eyes? Learn the answers to these myths and more, than let us know in the comments which of these results shocked you! (Plus: have a myth you want busted? Let me know below!)





The Myth: SPF 30 lasts twice as long as SPF 15.


False! So when you’re shopping for sunscreen, what exactly do those numbers mean? SPF is used to measure how well a lotion defends against UVB rays, which cause sunburn. (UVA rays are just as important: they’re the ones that can cause wrinkles and aging!) SPF 30 isn’t twice SPF 15 because each person is affected differently following, generally this equation: number of minutes you can be in the sun without burning X SPF number = total minutes protected in the sun. If, then, you can go outside for 10 minutes without burning and you’re wearing SPF 15, you’ll only be protected for 150 minutes. Stay on the safe side and slather up often!





The Myth: Wearing sunglasses can irritate skin and cause acne.


True! Wait, what? It seems like glasses barely touch your head, but the amount of skin contact is just enough to cause some serious break outs if you’re not careful. It makes sense when you think about it more: how often do you actually wash your sunglasses? Now think of all the things they touch: hair oils when you rest them atop your head, sand when you rest them on the ground in the beach, sweat when you’re working too hard outside…get the picture? Everything your glasses touch will eventually touch your face, so make sure you wash you glasses often to stay acne free! 




The Myth: Ice reduces puffy eyes.


True! Stayed up too late on the internet? Watch out for puffy eyes the next morning! The good news is you CAN use ice (or a cold spoon if you want to avoid a mess) to help flatten some of that puffiness down. The coldness helps reduce the swelling and firm up the skin. Plus, any excess water will be particularly helpful if the puffiness is caused by dehydration, usually following a crazy night out (and a hangover). A few minutes on each eye should do the trick, especially if the cause is not due to age. 




The Myth: The right anti-aging product can smooth existing wrinkles. 


False! It doesn’t matter that your mom/best friend/favorite celebrity swears product X got rid of her fine lines: the truth is that once your face starts to age, you’re not going to be able to turn back the clock with over the counter products! The only way to completely change your skin is to use medication, something that the FDA doesn’t allow in any drugstore aisle product. But don’t throw out all your anti-aging products just! Although they cannot correct any damage that’s been done, they still may work at prevention by making your skin more flexible. 




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Written by Courtney Brown

MakeupTalk Blogger