Different Ways For Hair Removal!

With the summer months over and done, it is best not to forget about keeping those legs smooth ladies! During winter seasons, it is easy to forget about your hairy parts, especially when you are trying to layer clothes for warmth. However, hair removal is a task you should keep up all year round. You never know when you will get invited to a holiday party and need to wear that cute cocktail dress. Instead of possibly getting razor burn the night before, just keep those legs smooth. Here are a couple ways how:






This is the most temporary method of hair removal. Shaving cuts the hair from the top of the skin, so the hair will grow back within three to five days.  A disadvantage to using this method is that if done incorrectly, a person can get razor burn or be cut by the razor. A benefit would be that this is the least costly of the methods, as you only need a razor and shaving cream, and you can do this at home.






Waxing is another common way of removing hair. Waxing removes the hair from the hair follicle, so it takes longer for the hair to grow back; usually, it takes five to seven days for the hair to grow back completely. If waxing is done at a salon, it can be very quick and easy.  Waxing can also be very painful, but I have found through personally experience that the more often you wax, the less painful the process becomes. MuT member discussed ways and products to use to make waxing less painful. Another downside is that you have to wait until the hair is grown back to a certain length before waxing again.  With waxing, hair can be too short for the waxing paper to pick up. Waxing can be done at home or at a salon for usually less than $100, depending on the body part(s) getting waxed.







Laser Hair Removal

This hair removal technique is the only one close to being permanent. This technique requires you to make an appointment with a qualified technician to use a laser to remove body hair. The laser destroys the cells that are used for hair to grow. For these reasons, laser treatments are pretty pricey, costing hundreds of dollars.




There are a variety of other methods women use to remove hair such as pills and creams. These methods are also for larger body parts, but MuT member have talked about how to get rid of unwanted facial hair and my fellow blogger did an article about the upkeep of eyebrows