Don’t Get Duped By Skincare

If you’ve ever been to a very busy mall, it’s likely you’ve been assaulted by those people who own skincare booths,700 

claiming their product and only their product is a miracle cure for whatever they determine is wrong with you on that day. Sure, some skincare works. However, whether or not something works isn’t determined by a price tag, as a lot of them may have you think.


They’ll read you a huge list of exotic, expensive, imported ingredients to justify the price to you, and you might hear that list of ingredients and think “wow, this must really be some good stuff.” Thankfully, we live in the age where we have all the research we need right there in our pockets, thanks to our phones. Before you buy, always research what those extra special ingredients are, and see if they even have any proven effects at all when used in skincare. A lot of companies throw in fancy, unnecessary fluff that we accept as luxury, when in reality, these are just useless things that sound fancy that are added into whatever skincare product you’re buying and will likely do absolutely nothing for you.


700A lot of skincare products, particularly those marketed as anti-aging skincare products, will also have studies attached to them, such as claims that 90% of women experienced healthier looking skin after using it for two weeks. It sounds promising when you attach such a large percentage to it, but statistics can easily be deceiving. For example, you don’t know how many women were in that test group, and for all you know, they all could have been twelve years old and perfectly healthy. Speaking of healthy, that’s also a loose term. What do they mean by “healthier looking skin”? It doesn’t say just healther, but healthier looking. These studies are phrased in a way to deliberately mislead you. 


High end skincare isn’t necessarily better than drugstore skincare. Pricepoint and ingredients that actually work tend not to correlate in the world of skincare, because skincare is intended to prey on your weaknesses by making you feel insecure enough to part with your money. It’s a harsh reality, but take it from me. I sold skincare at the department store. 



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By Airi Magdalene
Real Life Makeup Artist and MakeupTalk Blogger