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Earth-Friendly Beauty

Today is Earth Day. With that, many, if not all of us, ponder the environment, hope to do better and look for ways to reduce, reuse and recycle. Sure, we’ve all heard about how cleaning products and clothing have gone “green”, but what about beauty products? Yes, there are organic and natural products, but what about its packaging? If you are environmentally-conscious, you may be looking to do your part regarding your beauty regimen, and I’m here to help!

I’ve done a bit of research and compiled a list of companies (some are already on my list of favorites) that use sustainable packaging, give to earth-friendly charities and/or whose factories are “green”, in the sense that their operation is better for the environment!

  • Best Bath Store – “Best Bath Store commits to using 100% green power. Our electricity is generated exclusively by wind power via the NSTAR Green Program. We hand package, label and seal all of our products. We recycle bulk containers and packaging from our raw ingredients. In our packaging we use only biodegradable corn starch packing peanuts, recyclable plastic bubble wrap and recyclable cardboard boxes. We are also committed to stopping the use of plastic disposable shopping bags by replacing them with reusable shopping bags. We even have Best Bath Store branded reusable shopping bags so you can go shopping in style!”
  • Burt’s Bees – “We believe all packaging should hold to the highest standard possible of environmental sensitivity. We use packaging with the highest levels of Post Consumer Recycled (PCR) materials. Our packaging is designed to be recyclable and have the lowest impact on the environment possible.”
  • Eco Tools – “EcoTools cosmetics brushes are what started it all! The iconic look of the sleek bamboo, gorgeous recycled aluminum and incredibly soft bristles are only part of what makes EcoTools, EcoTools. We also package every product in an eco-conscious way inculding: reusable pouches, post-consumer recycled plastic and recyclable packaging.”
  • GeoGirl – Walmart has a new cosmetic line in the works; GeoGirl, an “all-natural intro-to-makeup line” for tween girls complete with sustainable packaging!
  • Origins – “Our commitment to protect the planet, its resources and all those who populate is reaffirmed by our earth-friendly practices. And we use recycled materials wherever possible. As a result, Origins has already planted the equivalent to 1.25 million trees. Our cartons are made from 80% Forest Stewardship Council certified paperboard and 50% post-consumer recycled fiber. These paperboards are cartons are manufactured using wind power or hydro power, both renewable energy resources. Our products are transported in recycled cardboard shippers and we reuse packing materials whenever possible.”
  • Tarte – “Our chic, runway-inspired cases and compacts are more then just pretty packaging. We’re helping reduce greenhouse gas emissions one mascara at a time by creating components that are made from recyclable or post-consumer recycled material and can often be re-used to help reduce environmental waste. We like to say we’re doing the ‘leg work’ to help all of us minimize our carbon footprints.”
  • The Body Shop – “We’re constantly seeking new ways to improve our business practices and reduce our carbon footprint. In many of our stores, refits are rolling out that will improve our energy efficiency. New lighting, including store signs that have been successfully trialled, will help to reduce our energy use. We’ve introduced energy-awareness training for all our store staff and have also reduced our air travel. As long-term advocates for reducing waste, we’re now introducing plastic bottles made from 100% recycled material. Our aim is to make all our PET (polyethylene terephthalate) bottles from this plastic – a staggering 30m bottles a year. In 2008, we replaced all our carrier bags with 100% recycled and recyclable paper bags. We still offer our Community Trade Bag for Life. We’ve also increased the recycled content in our gift packaging.”

How great is that? Just a few companies from skin care to cosmetics that not only produce organic, all-natural products, but also use green packaging and manufacturing! Let’s give them a virtual round of applause!
Do you use any products from any of the above companies? Personally, I love Best Bath Store and The Body Shop! Now that I know a bit more about EcoTools, I feel the need to try out their lovely brushes! Share your thoughts with me in the comments!
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