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Embrace Your Natural Side

Growing up in Southern California made me obsessed with bronze.  Bronze skin, bronze makeup…it was summer every day!  This also led me into the scary world of tanning beds and my never ending quest for building the perfect golden shade.   In fact, my now husband recently confessed to me that on the day we met, he was sure I was from some small exotic country in South America!  It wasn’t until I hit 25 when I really understood that all the damage I did to my poor skin could not be undone.  Not wanting to fake a brown tone with lotions, sprays and makeup, I finally decided it was time to come to terms with my ghostly paleness. It was time to embrace my natural side.

After going cold turkey on baking myself, it took quite a few months to get back to my natural skin tone.  I actually didn’t even know what that natural tone was anymore (much like my hair…but that’s another story.)   It took awhile to come to terms with this sudden new way of looking at myself.  I had to adjust makeup colors, find a ROCKIN’ concealer to hide the dark circles, even take a good look at my clothes.  In the end, going back to natural was the best thing I ever did!  For those of you who also embrace the natural and refuse to join the bronze brigade every summer, sit back and enjoy my top 5  favorite parts of being pale.

1.  Summer Brights Always POP!

I used to get so frustrated when the bright pink blush I bought for summer wasn’t really all that bright on my cheek.  Well, forget that now because all it takes is a teensy bit of color to really make a statement!  Not only do I use less product, everyone notices the new colors.

2.  More Money Saved

The massive amounts of money I used to spend on self-tanners, powder and liquid bronzers, special moisturizers, and new foundation can now be spent on fun summer clothes.  It’s awesome to be able to afford to try a new trend!  And though they may go out of style eventually, clothing never expires like makeup does.  I can keep that amazing neon pink 70s inspired caftan for the next time that trend comes around (if ever again!)

3. Skin is ALWAYS Protected

Now that I am determined to keep myself as pale as ever, I will not forget the sunscreen.  Living in the desert, the sun is as harsh as I ever imagined!  It’s great to know I am doing a little something for my health everyday.  I mean, I’m sure it cancels out the nachos I had for lunch right??  Either way, I know my skin is thanking me.  A little tip: Stick to mineral sunscreens, as they stay active longer.  Chemical sunscreens break down very quickly!  Don’t depend on your SPF 20 foundation to keep you safe all day.

4.  The Vampire Look is TOTALLY IN Right Now

Thanks Twilight series! Being pale is as popular as ever now that Vampire Mania has taken over the nation.  Natural makeup brand Tarte has even gotten in on the action with their new collection based on HBO’s True Blood series.  Never have I been so on trend!  For a little dark side to your light, find a gorgeous red lip stain that suits your skin tone and dare to wear it against that great skin.  Somehow I think that new Tarte is a must-have for us!

5.  It’s Fun to be Different

Summer is a sea of bronze skin, and I kind of enjoy sticking out like a sore thumb on the beach or by the pool.  Makeup is all about expressing your different sides, and going against the style grain isn’t so bad really.  Beware that every flaw will stand out though, so don’t be afraid to do a quick bruise or vein cover-up here and there.  MAC Face and Body Foundation is water-resistant and looks very natural.  It’s great to be pale, but nobody ever likes seeing very uneven skin tone, or that awful blue bruise you got the other day.

There is something refreshing about embracing your natural self.   Though I buy makeup to hide and enhance, enough of it to beautify an army, it is nice to be able to show off one real aspect of my physical self.  Natural skin tone is my definite favorite!  What is your favorite natural asset to show off?

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By AliciaMLay

I am a retail store owner, freelance make-up artist, wife to Tim and mom to baby Olivia! I love to write and am a tireless makeup junkie. Always inspired by vintage glam, red lipstick is a must on a daily basis for me.