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“Eye” Hate The Puffies!!

I wish I could say it is a beautiful summer day outside, but it is not. It’s cool, rainy, and my allergies are raging. My nose is stuffed, I’m sneezing, and worst of all?… my eyes are itchy and swollen. It is not unusual for my allergies to be totally out of control with things like grass, leaves and weed pollens blowing around outside. Throw that on top of sheer tiredness from all of the weddings, showers and graduations that are on my calendar and that is more exhaustion than my eyes can handle. My poor, sore, puffy peepers!

So what are a few things we can do to keep are eyes feeling fresh during the hot, itchy, tiring months? Here are some suggestions:

1. Get your rest. Tired eyes are puffy on their own, without the added problem of them being extra droopy, causing broken capillaries and wrinkles. If the body thinks it’s tired, it probably is. Listen to it. Cat nap if you have to!

2. Sleep with two pillows under your head if possible. It maintains good blood circulation in the head and face helping to alleviate dark circles and keeps extra fluids from settling into the eye area making them swell. Gravity is your friend!

3. Cool your cukes! If you are planning on hanging out poolside for the day, keep a few slices of fresh cucumber in the freezer and put them on your eyes under your sunglasses. It’s also a good timer””if your cucumbers are thawed out and no longer cool, it might be time to flip, add more SPF, or go inside!

4. Enjoy some tea for two…eyes!! Do’t throw out those tea bags after your garden party with the girls. Take the dampened tea bags and put them in a plastic bag in the refrigerator. After a long hard day, take two of them and put them on your closed eyes. Relax–listen to soothing music, burn a scented candle, enjoy a tasty summer treat. (Do’t worry if the tea bags have caffeine””caffeine actually constricts the blood vessels, reducing the chance of darker circles under the eyes!)

5. The aloe plant is always your friend. Not only is it good for sunburns, cuts, insect bites and other types of boo boos, but it is great for general skin care too. You do’t even have to keep it in the fridge (although it does feel so much better!). Just snap off a piece of an aloe leaf, cut it down the middle length-wise, and hold the gel part against your eye for about a minute. Let any excess aloe left of the skin sink in for a great natural moisturizer.

6. “Roll” out a cool treat! Some commercial products are also great for keeping your eyes feeling fresh too. Sephora’s skin care line has an “Instant Depuffing Roll-On Gel” which works great! A natural hydration formula is contained inside a great applicator which has three metal balls to not just roll the product on but to also stimulate and massage the area around the eyes, drawing the fluid retention away. In addition, it also helps to diminish the appearance of dark circles. Keep it in a cool place for a little extra added “ahhh.” This fragrance-free, sensitive-eye approved product is available from Sephora for a mere $15.

In addition to the tricks listed above, there are also a few things you should NOT do . If at all possible, avoid eye liners for a day or so. The pulling of the eye area to put it on might be just enough tugging to cause the eyes to stay puffy. Also, even the most natural of makeup in that area could cause irritation, so keep the makeup to a minimum–especially avoiding things like glitter. And for goodness sakes”¦ no squinting! Put those dark, chic shades on to avoid crinkling up the skin around the baby blues. Keep smiling, avoid the tears, and keep those windows to the soul twinkling!!