Eyebrow Maintenance: What Method Should You Choose?

There’s about a bajillion and one different ways to get your brows in to shape, and I’ve seen a lot of wonderful ladies in the Makeup Talk community comparing their favorite methods for hair removalLearning from each other here is a great experience for so many of us, but all the discussion raises a larger question. Should you wax, thread, shave, or pluck? Let’s explore some options to determine what’s best for you, and weigh the pros and cons.

It may seem alarming to some to hear that shaving your eyebrows can be an appropriate way to groom them, 

400but there’s a tool made just for that purpose. It’s like a tiny razor on a stick and you can pick it up from any drugstore. In most cases, they come in multipacks for a really low price. These are the bomb for anyone who doesn’t like committing to one  eyebrow shape for a very long time. You can use the razor as a grooming tool if you sometimes like them thinner or thicker, or with a softer or sharper arch. The good thing about shaving the eyebrows is that the hair will come back faster, so you’re not locked in to one look for very long. 
The downside is that, if you’re not careful, you can get knicks and cuts, just like you do when you shave your legs. The browbone is a really sensitive area and it totally sucks to get a scrape there. You need to be very careful and always prep the area. Start with a clean face and use shaving gel or at least moisturizer to reduce friction and lessen the chances that you’ll be a bleeder.
Tweezing is the ultimate way to gain precise control of your shape. Hair by hair, you decide what stays and what goes. If you want low maintenance brows that you can do easily at home, tweezing is the best option for

you. Your brows won’t last as long as waxing, because hairs don’t always come out from the root (a few will 

400likely break and finer hairs sometimes go unnoticed) but they’ll last twice as long as shaving.  It’s also the least prone to accidental or undesired results if you’re careful and mindful of what you want the bigger picture 
to look like.
The downside to tweezing is that over-tweezing can sometimes lead to hairs never growing back. It may limit what you can do with your brows in the future. If you’re too diligent about touching them up, you can damage the root before it has time to heal, and render it defunct. Just make sure you use tweezers (hello, Tweezerman!)  with good grip so that you’re not overdoing it with the force, and let them go at least a week between pluckings. 

If you like a brow with sharp, clean angles, threading is going to get you the desired result the quickest and 

400most efficient way possible. Because threading collects a row of hair at a time, you can get some really fierce lines. It’s also a little quicker than tweezing, because you can remove more at once. Because it’s so fast, it hurts less than plucking each individual hair, giving you less time to swell up if you have sensitive skin.
While some people swear by the thread method, it does have its downsides. One of the most common accidents that can occur with threading is that your skin can get pinched in the thread. Imagine getting pinched with the sharpest fingernails on some of your most sensitive skin. That’s what it feels like. Be careful not to get overzealous and take your time. You have to go fast, so make sure you get the angle of the 
thread and the speed just right, or go to a professional brow threader.
Because threading removes the hairs at an angle, versus the vertical pull you get from tweezers, if you’re prone to ingrown hairs, you can get ingrown hairs from threading. They’ll leave little bumps that you have to pop to get the hair to surface. It can be very painful and uncomfortable and it isn’t something you want to risk if you know you get ingrown hairs easily.
Waxing is super fast. It gets even the finest little hairs that you may not even see when using other methods400

of brow grooming. It’s most likely to get every hair right from the root, and will last the longest without needing a touch up. If you go to a professional, you’ll be in and out with crisp, defined brows So what could possibly be wrong with waxing?

If the littlest bit of wax gets somewhere you don’t want it, and you or your beautician don’t notice, you’re stuck for six weeks with a botched brow job. It’s important that you sit very still and don’t flinch too much when getting your brows waxed, and if you’re not totally confident in your ability, let a professional do it.

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