Eyeshadow Tips For Attractive Eyes


To prevent eyeshadow from creasing, Before apply the eye shadow you 
should apply eyeshadow Base. 
Apply light loose powder under your eyes to avoid the eyeshadow which
drop down.
When choosing eye shadow colours, you should consider your skin tone 
and your eye color. 
Apply the base color light on your eyelids first to open and brighten
your eyes, then medium color to give slight depth to your eyes and 
the most intensive color to shape your eyes. do not forget to Blend 
While applying eyeshadow you should know, light shades make your
eyes visually bigger and wider but dark shades make your eyes
smaller and deeper set.
Always blend well for more natural look without hard edges – specially
if you have wrinkles around eyes and dark circles.
Creamy eye shadow should be applying by fingertips.
For evening makeup you should use shimmery eye shadow colours to 
highlight your eyes. 
For soft and natural eyeshadow look, Apply a light colour 
eyeliner – blend well with the eyeshadow application.
To make your look more dramatic and more attractive, apply dark 
colour eyeliner after the eyeshadow application.