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Waxing VS Threading... Which is better?!




By Danielle Carlson


Photo by Max Rovensky via Unsplash


Summer is right around the corner, meaning it’s time of the year to remove our body hair one way or another. If you’re like me and want to find alternatives to shaving but can’t afford laser hair removal, you’re stuck between two options: waxing or threading.


Which is the better option?



Waxing, I believe, is the most convenient way to remove body hair. Waxing removes your hair from the root, meaning you’re hair won’t grow back for three to five weeks (depending on your hair type). Waxing also prevents ingrown hairs, which is great if you’re prone to getting those hurtful things. Like all hair removal, waxing does cause some pain. It also could cause some irritation or rash due to the heat of the wax. So, before waxing your whole body, test it out first on a smaller part of your skin. When it comes to making your next appointment for waxing, your body hair has to be grown out by two to three inches, at least. Or else, the hair won’t remove properly. This means you will be a bit hairy between sessions.



When it comes to the face, threading is my personal go-to for hair removal. Our face is more sensitive our legs, arms, or other body parts, which means we have to be more gentle. Our faces require the natural oils that waxing so harshly removes. Threading is also more precise compared to waxing. When removing eyebrow hairs, you want to be as careful as possible to avoid pulling too much hair, sometimes waxing can lead to thinner eyebrows than expected. Personally, when waxing my face, I would always break out because of the heat of the wax. With threading, however, my skin is free from redness, irritation, or breakouts. Threading is also more sanitary, we never truly know how clean our wax is and how long it’s been sitting out.


So, which is better? If you are removing your facial hairs, threading is the way to go! But if you're removing hair from your legs, arms, or stomach, waxing is the faster, more practical way to do it.


Which method do you prefer?

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I agree completely. I only thread my face but have waxed or lasered anything else. I would actually say that laser is better than waxing, if it's possible for you. You have to be a good candidate to use laser (light skin & dark hair), although the newer machines are advancing to be able to serve a wider group of people. Laser is more cost-effective and permanent. For example, where I live, a good Brazilian wax goes is $60-100. And if you always want it waxed, you've got to do it every 4 weeks. Forever! So waxing: $80(average not including tip) x 12 months/year = $960 a year. Say you do that every year between the ages of 20-30 and that's $9,600! And that's assuming that's the only area you want waxed! Alternatively, laser sessions for the same area are about $150 a session, and they say the hair should be gone in 6-8 sessions. So $150 (no tip because it's done by a medical nurse) x 7 = $1,050. And done! Hair's gone! I tended to get ingrown hairs from waxing and shaving, too, but not laser. That's thousands of dollars saved in waxing sessions or shavers/creams, for that matter. So I believe laser is the way to go for body hair. Yes, it hurts, but so does waxing, right?? I'm super-happy with my lasered areas. I haven't worked up the courage to laser my face yet (I'm nervous having lasers near my brows!) but I just might! As a side note, I was unhappy with LaserAway's results. The machine that worked best on me was the LightSheer. 

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