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      Swapping - General Rules and FAQ of the Buy Sell Trade Sections

      Q: So, are you new to the swap center or would like to start swapping or selling some stuff? A: Below are the "general rules" for swapping on MakeupTalk.   Please take the time to understand, read and familiarize yourself with the rules for the buying and selling forum. By registering and using the MakeupTalk Swap classifieds, you have agreed to our rules.   Requirements to post in the Buy Sell Trade forum: Must be a member of Makeup Talk for at least 5 days.
      General guidelines: Primary Terms of Service applies to the B/S/T forums.
      Please be respectful of your fellow members. Do not use profanity in these listings, and please do not sabotage any seller threads.
      MakeupTalk will not become involved in disputes between sellers, traders and/or buyers. MakeupTalk moderators, administration and/or the owners of MakeupTalk will not become involved in any problems or disputes between sellers and buyers. All trades, sales and purchases from other members are all at YOUR OWN RISK. You may report members to the MakeupTalk staff if the items seem to be counterfeit as we have a zero tolerance for counterfeit (fake) items to be posted on MUT.
      Posting in the B/S/T forums is a privilege not a right and those privileges maybe revoked if there are serious, legitimate, complaints made by members.
      Sellers: Feedback. When you are selling/trading items, keep your feedback in the back of your mind. Those feedback scores helps keep records of who did what trade with which person and whether the trade was good or bad.
      One Topic: You can use one classified topic to sell or trade multiple items.
      All posts should have full descriptions of the items in the body of your listing.
      Posts must have images of products. Please post your images of both the front and back of products. Stock photos not allowed except for comparisons.
      Items must be in your actual possession to be sold, traded or swapped on MUT.
      You may NOT use the B/S/T forums to sell Avon, Mary Kay or any other products via an offsite ordering system or link to auction sites such as EBay or sites like Amazon Marketplace.
      You may NOT use the B/S/T forums to sell, trade or swap counterfeit ("replica") items. Sellers found to be selling, trading or swapping counterfeit products may have their posting privileges immediately revoked.
      Please do NOT delete any information such as images or the prices when you close your thread. If the post has multiple items and individual items are sold simply edit your post and write *SOLD* next to the item you no longer have.
      Please state your terms clearly including but not limited to if you are willing to ship internationally and how you will ship the item(s) out.
      If you run a swap list, please keep it as current as possible.
      Do not list items for sale on other sites.
      Business owners do not use MakeupTalk to sell your items or link to your site. If you wish to sell or advertise on MakeupTalk please contact us for more information on how to sell or advertise on MakeupTalk.
      Buyers: Please leave feedback on anything you buy, trade for swap. Feedback scores help us keep track of those with negative reputations and helps us in the event we have to revoke a buyer's posting privilege.
      Please be mindful when leaving negative feedback. Only leave negative feedback only if the items you received were counterfeit or not as described or pictured. If the seller or trader makes a firm attempt to make the situation correct, please note that. Please do not use profanity in member feedback. If payment or a swap was initiated, but item was not received within two weeks of the original confirmation of purchase or trade, please contact seller or trader first before leaving negative feedback. If item was internationally sent please allow up to six weeks if sent SAL (surface air lifted) or similar shipping as it is the slowest method to mail (and without tracking).
      If wrong feedback was left accidentally, please do not add another feedback comment, instead contact a member of the administration team or the Community Manager to correct the wrong feedback.
      All Users: Our trading/selling/swapping rules are very simple, if used correctly. We ask that you do not take advantage of the system Any abuse or rule breaking during the use of the buy/sell/trade section may have your privileges removed.
      Please post any questions about this in our support forums.   Quick Swapping F.A.Q. How do I add pictures to my post?
      Didja know: If you click the Like button on a post, you will get notified when it's edited or updated!
      How to Leave a member feedback
      How to creating a swap list in the subscription box swap section! Navigate to Subcription Box Swaps
      Click on Start New Topic.
      Type up Swap List Title
      Type up the body of the post with your swaps in it
      Click Post New Topic
      Optional: Add your url to your signature. (see how to edit my signature)
      General Shipping Guidelines About 2 weeks domestic (US)
      About 6 weeks international
      Purchasing shipping insurance is recommended. UPS insures every package to $100 min.
      Remember to possibly give a little cushion time for special circumstances, i.e. someone was sick, had a personal/ family emergency of some sort, etc. but they were still in communication w/ you to let you know of the delay.   Happy Swapping/Buying!
    • Reija

      [How to] Leave a member Feedback.

      [How to] Leave a member Feedback.   You've just completed a successful purchase, trade, or sale with a member and you would like to leave them feedback.   Leaving feedback: 1. Go to the member's profile by clicking on their avatar from a post   2. Click the Leave Feedback button on the right side of the page. 3. Then fill out the form and click Leave Feedback. 4. Enter the URL of the trade topic/thread at "Deal Topic" line
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      Unlimited Trade List Editing Time

      Unlimited Trade List Editing time!   All members can "edit" their trade lists indefinitely in these forums (forever).   Note: All other posts around the forum carry a 24 hour time limit for editing your posts.   This is how you do it:  
    • Reija

      Receive a Notification When a Member Edit's Their Trade List

      Hello Members,   So you follow some members' trade lists? Would you like to receive a notification when they add, remove or edit the products and brands they have in their lists?   It's simple! All you need to do is "like" their trade list thread/topic.   In a nutshell, it will send a notification to any member who "likes" a topic/post if it was edited by its author(topic/thread starter). This is pretty much only useful in our Subscription Box Swaps Member Trade lists (Buy - Sell - Trade - Swap) section since the time limit to "edit" topics (threads) is unlimited. So now, if you see someone's trade list that you would like follow, simply "like it". When the topic/thread author edits it, you will receive a notification like this:       NOTE: This is not turned on by default, To turn this feature on, you have to go into your settings and hit this check mark:     (copied and pinned this announcement to the Buy Sell Trade Swap)

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