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  2. Hi, I am looking for a birthday gift for my wife, who loves high-end makeup brushes. Would appreciate suggestions of good brands, styles, etc... so I won’t have do make a purchase in the dark lol. Budget is $150-$300. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
  3. Indeed, the idea of this application is very original and should be convenient. The only thing I would not want to see is a perishable advertisement, which simply makes the use of many applications unbearable. If on a PC I can use an ad blocker, then on a phone or tablet it will be a little more complicated.
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    Hi, I am looking for a birthday gift for my wife. She is very fond of high-end makeup brushes and I am looking for any recommendations about brands, styles, etc...before I make a purchase in the dark lol. Budget is around $150-$350. Thank you.
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  7. New here..!! I am beauty enthusiastic. Fashion & styling blogger!!
  8. We have rounded up not one, but five easy ways to draw that fine stroke of liner on your lid. You can use your pencil, liquid, gel or pen eyeliners and try out any of these five ways to apply eyeliner like a pro. So grab your eyeliner and take a look at five different ways to work the stunning eyeliner look in one go.
  9. Steaming at home: A good steamer does not have to be available at the spa. You can bring home the best facial steamer and have a great steaming session at the comfort of your home. All you have to do is to follow the right set of rules to get high-end results. Bring home the best facial steamer from the store. Read the user manual carefully. Before you turn it on, give your face a good wash and do not apply anything. Keep your hair away from the face by neatly wrapping it. Use normal tap water inside the steamer, turn it on, and wait for vapours to arise. Keep the steamer almost 6-8 inches away from your face. Align your face to get the steam vapours. Take the steam vapours for a minute and move your face away from it for half a minute. Continuously taking the steam over the face may leave your skin burnt. Start off your cleansing session and pull out all the black and whiteheads. Dab a clean towel to remove the water droplets on your face and then apply a good moisturizer. Choose a facial steamer with the quickest start-to-steam option. This makes it the best facial steamer. Have a steam session, not more than once in a week as over steaming your facial steam can make it dry or burn it. Moisturize skin immediately after a good steam session to trap moisture and make the skin hydrated.
  10. Hi I really need som help to find a good foundation. Im 35 years old and when I put on foundation it looks terrible. On the left side I have no makeup but in the right side I have Max factor radiant lift foundation. I still have acne and thats why I want to use foundation..
  11. I'm going to have one day a week off of work for a while! I have not had any vacation since I began my job in 2015. Is No Buy worth it if it lets you work less? Maybe! I think so! My hair has been a disaster, an absolute mess. It just needs better care. It is long, and I don't want to cut it until I use up all my backlog of hair products. It tangles so badly. I can't comb through the tangles, and they just build up into matted sections. It is just awful. Hair products don't help. My hair got really badly tangled and matted this week. My scalp was also irritated from using too much harsh shampoo. I decided to wait an extra day before washing it again, to let the natural oils soothe my dry and itchy scalp. Ironically, the natural oils also allowed me to detangle my hair, even where conditioners won't do it. It still took an hour and 40 minutes to get the tangles out, I kid you not, but at least I was able to do it. It's ironic that the solution to my problem wasn't buying a product, but just leaving my hair alone and letting my body heal itself. Also I just had a little haul, but don't worry - it's within my No Buy rules. Time to replace my deodorant. I got an Avon Rare Pearls roll on. Three years ago, I got a stack of Rare Pearls sample cards from the Avon lady, and I thought if I got the deo to match, it would finally motivate me to use them up. While I was looking through the Avon site, I saw that Avon has some really pretty new dental care products. I got myself a really pretty pink toothbrush that has special bristles and Himalayan pink salt! I'm excited, because my teeth are bad and need more care, and this will be nice for me. It's been a while since I got a new toothbrush. The Avon lady had a code to get belif samples too - is belif part of Avon now? No - I jut checked - Avon was bought by the company that makes belif, apparently, and also makes History of Whoo! History of Whoo is one of my dream brands, and I've always wanted to try it. (It's an expensive, beautifully packaged Korean line of products that look like they are made for a Korean princess or empress.) Well that was a good guilt free haul! Very interesting and productive No Buy night.
  12. Moisturiser is one skincare staple that people with dry skin absolutely can’t do without. Dry patches, flakiness, peeling skin, are just some of the many issues that dry skin beauties have to deal with. And if that isn’t enough, finding the best moisturizer for dry skin that leaves your skin happy and hydrated is a task in itself. Picking the right skincare products for your skin type is not an easy task - there is a lot of research involved in finding a product that would suit you the best. And that’s probably what brought you here, right?
  13. Other than making you feel weirdly satisfied while peeling off the mask properly, charcoal peel off masks offers a wide range of skin benefits. Especially black peel off masks, which are all the rage right now among teenagers and adults.
  14. Hi guys. Well I am a 37 year old woman and I looked into a Makeup Academy when I was in my early 20s but it was too expensive for me to afford at the time. A little background on me. I never had anyone to teach me how to do makeup. My mom was NOT a girly girl so I had no real feminine influence lol. I have never tried to do anyone's makeup because I lack the confidence. But I would really like to learn. My question is, has anyone here started Makeup school at a later age? Were you in school with mostly younger folks and how did it work out for you? I guess my question is, is Age a disadvantage in this industry? Thanks!
  15. I think it's totally depned uopn your desire and passion that what kinds of hair style you are going to have hair styling is little bit hard for culry hair as compared to straight hair..
  16. Seems like it's an old thread but I'll have my go at this ! My favourite make up palette that I have own since I started my journey in makeup has always been MAC's. The pigments are strong, and coupled with a base, the colours just pop and stayed on with me.
  17. For faster hair growth, you can use Neem (Azadirachta indica) oil. Just take the amount as per your requirement, warm it up in double boiler. and massage it well into the scalp. It works really well, clears the scalp of dandruff & promotes hair growth.
  18. CBD has been shown to have a soothing effect on the skin, and has been used in the treatment of acne and rosacea as well as eczema and dryness. Though it's important to use only quality products here. Also I havev read that the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD can help decrease itching and puffiness of skin, and even treat soreness of the skin,
  19. Amazing video from Second Year No Buyer Elle S today on YouTube: "$1000 Worth of Eyeshadow ... What Could I have Bought Instead?" Elle shows only seven palettes that cost a total of $1000 (CAD). Elle is not in the dream of denial shopping. She is serious about money, facing reality, real life (though she is still enjoying the creativity of makeup). "I can't afford it," she says. I can relate to her point about being someone who buys a lot of cosmetics, but never goes for a mani or pedi, or anything like that. She asks: How many things have I missed because of my purchases? Now that's something to think about! I often think of how my life would have been different if I'd been able to start on this No Buy path at a young age. There was no Internet then, so I did not have this kind of inspiration. I only had magazines and TV ads telling me to buy, buy, buy! But, why do all the No Buy people say they want to replace shopping with experiences? Shopping is an experience too! It a great experience and that's why we like it. I'm only giving it up to get rid of debt, because I know money makes me happy. I grew up in 1970s suburban America. I grew up in a shopping mall and in K Mart. I was always at those places with my friends, searching for identity. So of course shopping is high on my list of experiences. THE SHOPPING EXPERIENCE-1970s-1980s The Barbie Dolls and Barbie clothes at K Mart Getting a mood ring at K Mart and feeling so cool The excited butterflies in the tummy, when pulling into the shopping mall parking lot The bright lights and the smell of the Cinnabon store The Waldenbooks, where you bought Laura Ingalls Wilder books, where you discovered Sylvia Plath The record store, where you thumbed through record albums, and you discovered Blondie and Jacqueline du Pre The Clinique counter, where the lady did your makeup and made you feel glamorous and grown up, and assured you Brooke Shields was nothing without her makeup The food! Arthur Treachers Fish and Chips, Morrisons Cafeteria with the fried chicken and buttery rolls and iced tea All the latest issues of Teen and Seventeen magazine The Super X drugstore with Sophia perfume, Vidal Sassoon shampoo, and Maybelline Kissing Potion The movie theater where you saw The Turning Point seven times and fell in love with ballet (1977 the most magical year) Orange Julius Trying European cheese samples at the Swiss Colony The ORLANE counter - the epitome of elegance to me The Stendahl counter - This was a really beautiful and expensive French cosmetics brand. The lady at the counter was French. I practiced my French with her and she sent me a little note in French later on. She was kind. I had cystic acne. It was bad. "Oh, I see you have a little but of acne. Not to worry, it just needs a bit of astringent and fond de teint." She was tactful and gave me nice samples. My first Estee Lauder GWP - I thought I was Princess Di - it had Cinnibar perfume My first LANCOME GWP - I thought I was Princess Caroline. I was given Sun Touched Terra lipstick Princess Marcella Borghese Germaine Monteil - Royal Secret Alexandra de Markoff - I never did get to try that legendary foundation - department store cosmetics were rare and glorious treats Adrien Arpel in her pre HSN days The Erno Laszlo counter. It was so mysterious. You could not buy from them unless you went through a kind of initiation. You had to get an analysis and buy a special kit. It was fascinating. Now they just have samples going in beauty sub boxes any old way - Dr. L would not be very happy. He wanted his beauty routines done right and they were quite unorthodox. See the book, The Natural Way to Super Beauty by Mary Ann Crenshaw to know more about this. And I could go on and on. Of course I had no credit cards then, no job, just a little allowance. So I was not really ever spending much, just having fun. It's when you're older and have credit and money that it becomes a problem. Now there's no money, no time to shop, K Mart and the malls are ghost towns. And don't get me started on how much more fun TV was back then. Even going to the library was so much fun. Now all is so dull, dull, dull! I just get up, go to my job, come home, eat dinner, go to bed, and hope that my No Buy will make me rich and happy one day.
  20. i love natural products, but before buying products , i encourage u to know what type ur skin and read about it well , then everything will be clear for u and easy
  21. i need info regarding Lash Extensions from real experience ?!
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  23. I am religiously using Vitamin C, E, Ferulic Acid serum by Radium Skin. They ship overseas. And its not expensive too, considering how much other mainstream labels are charging.
  24. Hi all! My first post here! My fave item must be the Kiss Me Heroine Make Volume & Curl Mascara! Its the BEST!
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