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  2. **Dissertation** Hi everyone! Could you please help me out and complete my short questionnaire for my dissertation. It will only take 2 minutes. The questionnaire is in relation to the effects that beauty YouTubers have on consumers' purchase decisions. Thank you in advance! Here is the link: https://cardiffmet.eu.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_begJHPgLW1sT977
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  4. EdithS2

    Glossybox February 2019

    Yes I remember when they sent us Sisley!
  5. marcosmith120

    Anybody try weight loss supplements?

    Everyone wants to look slim especially women. Women are conscious about their weight. There are so many pills available in market for weight loss. NOW Foods Slimaluma Plus capsule plays vital role in weight losing contains a patented extract of Caralluma fimbriata. NOW Foods Slimaluma Plus has been clinically tested and shown to be a safe and effective dietary supplement for use in appetite control and weight management. NOW Foods Slimaluma Plus also features the synergistic ingredients Green Tea Extract and Yerba Mate for their antioxidant and energizing effects.
  6. EdithS2

    February 2019

    Reminding myself that I don't use all the stuff I buy and can't even keep up with basics like combing my hair.
  7. pooja_sharma143

    Wedding Hair Help!

    With so many classic and trendy options, it can seem impossible to choose the perfect wedding hairstyles for long hair. Don’t worry, we got this. We’ve assembled a gorgeous collection of wedding hairdos for long hair including chignons, waterfall braids, classic half-up, half-down styles, fishtails, flower crowns, buns, updos and ponytails, and some hairstyle options for curly or wavy hair.
  8. pooja_sharma143

    What Should Never Ever Wear To A Wedding

    Great information. Thank you for sharing.
  9. pooja_sharma143

    Winter Wedding Style

    It is best advised to go for a heavily embroidered lehenga choli with a netted cape as that would reflect in your traditional fashion sense that is always required in an Indian wedding and at the same time provide that much needed relief from the winter chill as the rich and heavily embroidered outfit provides that warmth inside due to its lustrous fabric material used.
  10. pooja_sharma143

    7 Bridal Lehenga Colours for the 2018 & 2019 Brides!

    Thank you for sharing
  11. The answer to this certainly depends on your priorities, but the following consistently hold true for our clients: 1. Wedding Theme: You may not want to wear a princess ball gown for a sandy beach wedding. You also may not want to wear a translucent/see-through corset wedding gown for a super conservative or religious wedding. 2. Body Type: Dress size and measurements and what aspects you'd like to hide or accentuate to make you feel your best. 3. The look you're trying to achieve: Are you trying to be a ballroom princes, casual beauty, bohemian chic, feminine, bold, etc.? Think about your goal. 4. Budget: If you are hell-bent on buying a dress, please make sure you can afford the dress. It breaks my heart hearing the horror stories of women going into debt over a dress which they aren't able to sell even after two years of having the dress listed. If you have a champagne taste on a shoe-string budget, or simply prefer a more convenient wedding dress-shopping experience, consider renting instead (such as on Get The Gown.
  12. EdithS2

    Boxycharm March 2019 Luxe Spoiler

    Latest addition to spoilers is Wander Beauty Face Masque. I decided Boxycharm is not for me. I'm impressed with it, think it's great value, but I can't afford, don't need, and won't use all the things. Even if something is great value, it's not if you don't need and won't use it. I lie to myself and tell myself I will use the makeup, but I never do. I just unsubscribed from their tempting emails.
  13. pooja_sharma143

    Suggestion for wedding dress

    I think navy would be a really pretty contrast with the blush.
  14. pooja_sharma143

    Moisturizer for oily skin?

    Moisturizer for oily skin there are many market available moisturizer or oily skin, people with oily skin firstly do not even think of any oil as moisturizer but jojoba oil is one of the best Jojoba oil can seal in the moisture and create an effective barrier to external elements. It is so structurally close to the secretion of the sebaceous glands in the skin that it is readily accepted and tolerated. You can rub a few drops of Jojoba oil between your palms and apply it on the face and other exposed parts whenever you venture out and after washing your face every time. For a deeper moisturizing effect, warm up a spoonful of Jojoba oil and massage it in after washing the face at bedtime and leave it on overnight. Pure Jojoba oil is fully absorbed into the skin, leaving it feeling soft and smooth. If you’re troubled by oily scalp or trying hard to mask your shiny forehead and nose under layers of makeup, rubbing in Jojoba oil on the affected parts will give wonderful results. It is counterintuitive to use this oil, or any oil for that matter, on oily skin, but surprisingly Jojoba oil can help reduce oiliness. This is by modulating the sebum production.
  15. pooja_sharma143

    facial skin feels rough?

    Rough skin is usually caused by environmental conditions, genetics or excessive bathing and can occur anywhere on the body. Don't worry -- there are many things you can do to hydrate your skin and prevent it from drying out again. Try to follow following points-1) Moisturize frequently and consistently2) Moisturize when your skin is damp3) Change your products seasonal wise. 4) Choose the right cleansers: Be careful when choosing a facial or body cleanser, as some cleansers can strip moisture from the skin. Opt for a gentle cream or milk cleanser that will moisturize the skin as it cleanses. Try Dermpura which is a cleanser that Promotes optimal moisture balance to reinforce skin's natural protective barrier and leave it feeling lusciously soft and smooth. A product by Solvaderm brand which offers various medical grade products helpful in skin rejuvenation. Even, I am also using this. I am very impressed by this line! The products I tried were very gentle on my dry, sensitive skin. 5) Exfoliate gently:Exfoliating can be great for sloughing off dead skin cells and for smoothing the skin. However, many facial scrubs can also strip the skin of moisture and irritate dry skin. Always moisturize your skin directly after exfoliating.Hope you find this helpful. Thank You.
  16. pooja_sharma143

    Which sunscreen do you use and love?

    Biore UV Aqua Riche purchased on Amazon. It's an Asian sunscreen and the best facial sunscreen I've used. No whitecast, doesn't make my face greasy and applies well under makeup. It does contain a lot of alcohol, so YMMV. Under $10 on Amazon. For my body I use Neutrogena spray sunscreen bought at Costco. Sprays are so much easier to use quickly.
  17. Hair Transplant is a cosmetic surgery that involves the transplantation of hair follicles from the non-balding parts of the scalp to the balding one. It is normally performed by using one of the two basic methods of extraction including Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). Hair loss sufferers who are willing to regrow their hair can only undergo a hair transplant procedure if they contain a sufficient amount of donor hair follicles on their scalp. Since hair transplant is a surgical procedure, there are many other things that need to be considered while finding out the candidacy to undergo that.
  18. pooja_sharma143

    Any remedy to fade the scars quickly?

    Any cream with vitamin C and Hyaluronic acid. Works on dark spots and acne scars too Alternating or using with something with Glycolic acid is good too. All assuming your skin isn't overly sensitive. Works well as an overall exfoliant too.
  19. pooja_sharma143

    How to Get Rid of Pimples?

    Accutane. It is extremely expensive and comes with a ton of risks, but it is the only thing that worked for me. You endure five months of dry skin hell and then your pimples are gone permanently.
  20. pooja_sharma143

    Tooth Whitening Suggestions

    Crest white strips are the most effective diy option. For a few days before and after, use Sensodyne to reduce sensitivity.
  21. pooja_sharma143

    How to get Rid of acne naturally ?

    First, understand that there is no magic bullet for acne some general tips drink plenty of water wash face at least once a day change your pillow cover regularly or sleep on a fresh towel every night
  22. EdithS2

    February 2019

    I want to come back for March and just allow myself Birchbox. I really do. Getting there. Must detangle myself from the Spider Web!
  23. pooja_sharma143

    How to treat dark eye circles?

    Vitamin C serum helped me. Mine weren't bad but there has been a noticeable improvement in about a month. I'm using the Paula's Choice product
  24. Carrie Huang

    Mesaidu 2-in-1 Eye Makeup Super Slim

    Mesaidu 2-in-1 Eye Makeup Super Slim
  25. EdithS2

    I Want My Birchbox Back!

    I want to try Birchbox again! I don't have the ten dollars today. Need to wait until I get paid Thursday morning. These are my reasons. I actually think it would be better to get small samples. I am overwhelmed with how much I have, so I would feel less guilty getting Birchbox than getting something like Boxyluxe and getting a lot of large items. I need a new shampoo (yes, something I actually need), and they might send me some. I could actually use their special detangling kit. I have really bad tangling problems. Perhaps it is a somatic expression of my current state of mind. I have those terrible matted knots that won't come out. I almost cut my hair. I am like Cat Marnell. I love her book, How To Murder Your Life. She has a funny chapter about going to work as a beauty editor at Lucky and having this kind of tangled hair problem. At least I don't work at a place where you have to look good. I have a theory about Birchbox and me that I need to test. I want to start over with a different profile. I always put that I have a Classic beauty style in my profile. I was lying, or rather picking the style I want, not the type I am. Remember when the profile said Classic was like Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn? Who would not pick that? What a dream, just pay ten dollars a month and you can be like Grace and Audrey.* But I'm not really Classic. I'm not well groomed and classy with my hair neatly in a chignon. I'm really low maintenance. I don't want to be low maintenance. But I am. Nobody wants to be low maintenance. I am lazy, no motivation to do makeup. However, I remember once when the Birchbox site had a feature called Shop By Your Type, or something like that. They had the types from the beauty profile quiz, and presented a selection of products based on each one. I loved that! I spent a long time perusing the different products for each type. Now I recall everyone saying that they would not choose the low maintenance type because they thought that meant you were not really into beauty, and they would not really send you anything good. But in this feature, it said that if one is low maintenance, one needs even better products. The products need to be multi use, for example. And the products in that section were really good. I can't remember specifically which ones they showed. I need to try to sign up for a box for low maintenance, and maybe I'll get things I really will need and use. I've wanted to test this theory for a long time. The price is right. I like the boxes to store things. Maybe I can get back on my No Buy for March with just the low maintenance box, Please God? Can't think of any more enabling excuses at the moment. *Princess Grace had the legendary Alexandre of Paris to take care of and style her hair with magnificent updos.
  26. Now that you’ve got the base done, it’s time to pick out a product that works for you. You can use a liquid liner that comes in a tiny vial bottle with a thin brush applicator or a felt tip pen. You can also use a gel-based eyeliner that comes in a pot. You will have to use an angled brush or eyeliner brush for this. For the sake of simplicity, let’s use a felt tip eyeliner. This is convenient, and easy to use, if you’re a beginner. I love using They’re Real!Push Up Eyeliner by Benefit. It’s a gel-based eyeliner that comes in a pen form. The applicator is the best part since it is angled. Now, without further ado, let’s get started with the tutorial! How To Do Cat Eye Makeup – Tutorial A cats eyes are enchanting, aren’t they? That slender shape and outline – there’s something about those feline eyes! The cat eye liner look has been quite a rage in the makeup world for a long time now. From Cleopatra to Bollywood actresses, cat eyes have been flaunted by all women who are at the top of their fashion game. This look is here to stay, so it’s best to try and perfect it right now. It’s never too late to begin! Before we dive into the cat eye makeup tutorial, these are the things you will need. What You Will Need Primer Eyeliner What To Do Before Going To Do Cat Eye Makeup? There are a few things you must Take care of before you start on your makeup. Pay heed to the steps below, it’s important! Step 1: Prep The Eye The very first step is to create a good base for the cat eye. Make sure to thoroughly cleanse, tone and moisturize. If you have redness around the eyes, dark circles or puffiness, use an eye serum or an eye cream. These do wonders! To make sure that the makeup sits well, apply a primer. Step 2: Pick An Eyeliner Step 1: Line The Upper Lash Line Line the upper lashline in slow strokes. Start off with small strokes, since you don’t want to rush too quickly and mess it up. If you make small strokes, you can gradually increase the thickness as per your requirement. Step 2: Find The Right Angle This is crucial! Follow the natural shape of your eyes to guide you as to where your flick would go. Imagine that your lower lash line is extended. This should be the angle that you create a flick. You can use an eyeshadow and an angled brush to roughly map out the shape. Step 3: Create The Flick Once you have the angle figured out, use dotted motions with your eyeliner to create a flick. Using small dots will help you figure out what the flick’s final shape would be. When you are satisfied with this, join the dots and fill it in to connect to the line you’ve drawn above your lashline. Step 4: Clean Up If the shape is a little wonky, you can always use a cotton swab or concealer to correct it. Voila! One perfect cat eye, ready to see the world! ----------- See More Makeup Tutorial
  27. arjunsharda

    Allergy....but to what though?

    Get the best solution for allergic using ayurvedic treatment. Read this blog and find more tips to ride from allergy.
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