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  2. hello so I have the temptu sb makeup and I'm thinking because I got some of my makeup used that it's a little old which makes it really thick. Just making sure I can use the mixing medium and it will do the trick? If not where do I buy the stuff to thin? also I have the compressor and I'm wondering how u set it there is a knob but nothing is labeled at all
  3. @Edith Awesome job! Samples rock. Love to try them myself....
  4. This weekend I will stay home and entertain myself using old beauty samples: Shamanuti Pumpkin Enzyme mask - this is one of my older samples. I got it in the October 2017 Petit Vour box. It smells great. I will give myself a facial. Kani Moon Milk - this is also from the October 2017 Petit Vour box. It is heaven. It's a beach vacation in a bottle. It is a jasmine tuberose body oil with shimmer and can also be used on the hair ends and as a highlighter. I really love it. Petit Vour sent me generous and costly samples. Nails - maybe I will use a nail polish. I'm not good at doing nails, but I do have a few nail polishes and I need to use them up.
  5. I want to mention a great YouTube channel that was really inspiring to me recently. It is Study with me - law. In case you have not seen the study with me genre of YouTube videos, these are people who live stream long study sessions so others can follow them in real time and stay focused on work. This is the channel of a young Italian attorney who is working for a judge and also studying for the judge exam. During the crisis in her country, she is working and studying at home all day every day. She will usually work on her job in the mornings and study in the afternoons, with a break every 90 minutes or so, and longer meal breaks. Her schedule is not too easy and yet not too difficult, and her videos really helped me to keep motivated when I had my second job working at home. Sadly that job was cut short by the current crisis. I wish I could live like this young woman - with her studious life and huge, beautiful law books.
  6. Last week
  7. HEY! You dont seem fat to me. I believe you look wonderful. But still if it feels like you need to loose weight then i can give you some easy tips: You should go on a calorie deficit diet. Also start intermittent fasting that is eating only for 7 to 8 hours a day just. I know you dont like working out. But try doing something what you like in order to boost this process. A walk or dance or playing a sport etc. Its up to you completely but just give it a thought. And last one PATIENCE. This is the smallest required by all but the tuffest to follow . This weight loss wont just happen in a day. It may take time. That may be long too but you need to keep yourself focused in order to achieve what you want so YOU SHOULD KEEP GOING. ALL THE BEST FOR YOUR JOURNEY!
  8. What deficiency causes white patches on the skin?
  9. L'Oreal Paris is the most famous skin care brands in New York 💄 .
  10. Used my favorite @MorpheBrushes Palette,#morphexjeffree artistry @rudecosmetics whatever forever @kvdveganbeauty tattoo eyeliner @Maybelline tattoo brow and @KissProducts gala lashes #jeffreestarprlist #JeffreeStar
  11. NEW LOOK inspired by @emmahpotts and @tominamakeup using @samplebeautysb tectonic palette, @MorpheBrushes x @Jaclynhill palette (og) and @ABHcosmetics x @amrezy palette!! Hope you like it!
  12. Used @NyxCosmetics Ultimate Brights Palette. Highlight @bhcosmetics Blacklight Highlighter Palette. Brows are @elfcosmetics light brown brow gel. Lashes are combo of @KissProducts Daisy lashes and @shopamorususa # 62 lashes
  13. The mobile application is very relevant and advanced.
  14. Plastic surgery is now very popular. But I did not hear anything about such a clinic.
  15. I would recommend a set of bath bombs! Theres a nice shop called 'LUSH' that sells them as gift sets, or you can go to bath and body works that always does the trick. Theres also roses? Every gal loves roses.. or try a nice side bag? Let me know
  16. Hello everyone! I would need some recommendations for a nice and not so overpriced makeup gift to a 21 year old girl please? Kindly please a lost man.... Many thanks!
  17. heeeey, yes! mee tooooo. Im a youtube type of person over TV and netflix. Thank you for subscribing! omg the green tea cleanser.. best thing ever! and the baby lotion I discovered when I went Hong Kong for the first time, I'm quite picky with what cream I use on my face as its the most sensitive and this cream is so soothing and the smell is so homely. Thank you again! I appreciate your comments!! xx
  18. OMG how did I miss this? Love your IG. I have to say that this is an amazing color!
  19. This is a great idea. I watch YouTube every day - no TV, just YouTube. I subscribed to your channel. I like it because it has food and travel as well as beauty. I liked your images of Berlin (and the food in Berlin!) and also your nighttime skin care routine. The rice milk baby lotion that can only be found in Asia looks really nice, as well as the cleanser with the green tea leaves in the bottom.
  20. I went to London and I went to Boots every day. I am from US. I loved the beauty section in Boots and also Selfridges. I would love to shop in the French Pharamcies. I also loved the crisps and sandwiches in Boots. I love shopping and treats.
  21. Hi Groot. (Love the username btw. ) Hopefully you're still active on here. > First off, there's CC and BB creams CC has more coverage and works more like foundation and BB is basically a tinted moisturiser and is more natural. Depends on your preference, you can go for either. Let's go straight to step 1. - What is your skin type? all companies cater to different skin types, hence the consistency is different for all. If you have oily skin - go for a matte finish and a lighter formula, if you have dry skin - go for a more thicker and whipped formula. I haven't tried it personally, but apparently IT cosmetics CC cream works wonders and ticks the box for 4hours + wear. ! Let me know how it goes!
  22. I use SNS! I would HIGHLY recommend them to anyone that wants to do nail extensions or just simply to strengthen them.
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