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    • Thuoc tri seo Dermatix Ultra co tot khong? luon la cau hoi cho nhung nguoi su dung loai kem tri seo cao cap nay, sau mot thoi gian su dung nhung khac hang deu cam thay vo cung hai long voi ket qua dat duoc, ho tro cac bien phap tri seo khac, khong gay kich ung da, va tac dung phu khi su dung.

      Moi vet seo tren co the cua chung ta deu co mot cau chuyen hinh thanh rieng. Nguyen nhan ban bi seo loi khi mac benh la thuong cham vao vet thuong gay hai cho da. Vi the, cac nang hay chang nen can than khi mac thuy dau nghen.

      Co cong dung dieu tri seo loi, seo phi dai lau nam, tri tam thoi benh ngua, su sung tay nho, tri phat ban. Cac dung kem tri seo Dermatix: Van nhu cu, truoc khi su dung ban nen ve sinh truoc vung da seo, lau kho roi moi duoc boi kem len tren. Ban co the tim hieu thong tin ve cac loai thuoc tri seo thong qua bac sy, ban be hoac nguoi than da dung truoc do. Dong thoi tim doc cac trang website chinh thuc cua san pham http://dermatix.com.vn/ de xem loai thuoc do co hop voi tinh trang seo cua ban than khong va co che hoat dong the nao.
      Do do cach tot nhat de chon thuoc tri seo loi hieu qua la nen tham khao bang thanh phan, diem ban chinh hang va gia ban cong khai tren website chinh thuc truoc khi chon mua san pham. Dieu nay se cung cap cho ban mot diem chuan de theo doi qua trinh mo di cua vet seo. Ngoai ra Dermatix con giup kich thich su tuan hoan mau, giup da tai tao lai cac mo moi mot cach nhanh nhat, nho vay ma da khong bi tham va de lai seo sau mun.

      Cach su dung kem lam mo seo tham Dermatix. Truoc khi boi kem, ban nen ve sinh vung da seo bang sa phong, lau kho roi moi duoc boi kem len. Doi voi truong hop seo ro lau nam, voi tac dong cua moi truong o nhiem, ve sinh ca nhan kem hoac viem nhiem, khien seo an sau them, chai cung hon, day bi va cau truc da on dinh nen rat kho loai bo. Chua ke cang lon tuoi, lan da gap nhieu van de lao hoa, xuong cap va yeu ot vi vay cung anh huong rat nhieu den kha nang cai thien cua seo.

      Tiem chat lam day seo: 2 chat thuong duoc dung de tiem la collagen va hyaluronic acid. Dau vitamin E khong nhung kich thich te bao da moi lam day seo ro ma con giup da min mang hon. Thanh phan su dung trong kem tri seo Dermatix: Trong cac thanh phan su dung cua kem tri seo Hiruscar thi vitamin B3 nguyen chat tu thien nhien la thanh phan khong the bo qua. Vi le do ma thi truong co kha nhieu mat hang tri seo tran lan, tuy nhien, khong phai hang san xuat nao cung thanh cong trong cong cuoc nghien cuu thuoc tri seo.

      Cach su dung loai san pham kem tri mun nay cung cuc ky don gian, ban chi can lam sach mat bang sua rua mat truoc khi thoa kem truc tiep nen vung da bi seo mot lan vao buoi sang va mot lan vao buoi toi. Noi nom na nhu the nay, sau mot thoi gian, cac chan seo se bi xo hoa lam be mat da kho can, san sui. Day la thuoc tri seo nhap khau cua My, cuc ky an toan cho nhieu loai da, giup xoa mo, tri het sach seo tham mun, seo lom, seo ro do moi bi hoac lau nam, giup ban nhanh chong co duoc lan da min mang lang phang va dep tu nhien.

      San pham con co kha nang tri seo, cac vet tham, seo loi va lom mang lai cho ban mot lan da min mang, trang sang, cung cap do am cho da, tai tao da sau qua trinh tri mun, ho tro lam san chac, dan hoi cho da. San pham co kha nang tri mun, giam tham; hieu qua nhat la voi nhung loai mun do sung tay. Kem seo ro Dermatix cua My da duoc kiem nghiem lam sang trong viec tai tao be mat, cau truc va mau sac cua vung da bi seo, giup vet seo mo dan di va bien mat han.
      Doi voi viec lam mo seo cung vay, silicone giup cho cac te bao da co duoc mot moi truong tot hon de phuc hoi va phat trien. Hien nay mot trong nhung loai kem tri seo duoc danh gia cao va co tac dung tot nhat phai ke den kem tri seo cua tap doan Dermatix. Loai seo do thuy dau nay co be mat rong 3-8 mm, lon hon seo do trung ca boc de lai nhung nong hon va moc rai rac tren mat.  
    • I am almost ready to try Embryolisse. I first heard of the product long ago. I was in grad school and was, as usual, poring over the bound volumes of Vogue in the university library instead of working on my studies. I was in heaven when I found out that my university had bound volumes of several American, French, and Italian fashion magazines going back decades and decades. My favorite were the Vogue magazines from the 1960's, when Diana Vreeland was editor. Each issue was a beautiful dream world. The writing and photography were to die for. I was at a big football school, and I loved the weekends of the big games, as there would be no one in the library. In the peace and quiet, I lost myself in the magazines. I saw all of the beauty products of the past in the US and France. How I miss my college days.  Anyway, I remember the afternoon I read about Embryolisse in the library. There was an article in Vogue about French beauty. It mentioned Embryolisse, and said it was the most popular cream in French beauty routines. The cream sounded fascinating. I took French and German in high school, and always wanted to travel to Europe, move to Europe, experience European culture, and own all the European beauty products. This was before the Internet, so it wasn't so easy to buy European brands then. But I did not forget the name Embryolisse. One year ago, a precious little box containing a tube of the cream with a leaflet showed up in my Birchbox. It's amazing when Birchbox makes one's little beauty dreams come true. I've been hoarding the tube for a year, but it is finally time to use it.  I Googled the cream and found that it was created by a French doctor in 1950. Apparently, it is regarded as a cult cream by models and makeup artists, as it has a special finish on the skin that makes makeup sit really well. It's a really simple cream, just containing shea butter, aloe vera, and ... mineral oil. Mineral oil! The dreaded ingredient I have feared for decades. I wondered why the cream would use such an ingredient, if it is such a renowned product. I recently heard a favorite blogger state that cosmetic grade mineral oil is of high quality, and not bad for the skin. I Googled that and found many articles to back this up. Apparently, cosmetic grade mineral oil is a highly purified form of petrolatum, with carcinogens removed. The articles say it is purified so as not to harm skin, and in fact has been found to be non-irritating. It also lasts a long time without going bad. There are other articles that denounce mineral oil because it just sits on top of the skin so the water does not evaporate. Is it good or bad? I don't know, but I've decided not to worry about it and just enjoy trying the Embryolisse.   
    • This year I watched the Telenovela called Rubi. On Netflix, you can watch it with English subtitles. It is so much fun. The actors are wonderful, the drama is over the top, and the ladies and gentlemen are gorgeous every one. There are wonderful sets and locations (Cancun, Las Vegas among others). It is about a young lady who wants to be rich, and is always scheming and causing trouble. She is so bad! But she will entertain you and make you laugh and cry because she has a soft heart too....once in a while. 😈
    • About ten days until the end of October! I'm feeling strong, and not tempted by all the magical holiday beauty collections, as I am almost to the end of my year-long no buy. The end is only weeks away. I'm not going to go off my no buy when 2019 dawns, but I really want to reach that milestone of one year completed. I will have traced a path for myself to follow next year, and I'll have set a good example for my 2019 self. It's as if I've been on a climbing expedition on an Alpine mountain, and now I can see the top of the mountain. I have caught glimpses of a cozy party in the village below, with colorful lights, food and laughter, and gemütlichkeit. For a moment, I want to turn back and join the party below, but I carry on, because my goal is so close. Plan for today is to take a shower in the evening and use my St. Ives Apricot Scrub mini in the shower for a facial. I've been really enjoying the St. Ives scrub. After that, I may finish my Avène serum mini. I have the tube cut up to get the last few drops out. I'm thinking of a great beauty article I found that really inspires me to relax and use my skin care stash. It is "Maximum Self-Care: The 10-Hour Facial" by Brennan Kilbane, from Into the Gloss. Then for the rest of October, I will be using my Embryolisse mini. I have waited so long to try it. More about Embryolisse later.   
    • Its really important to understand the reason for dark eye circles, some people have due to lack of sleep, some have due to irregular eating and some have due to stress.
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