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  2. Come on girls. Answer already Thanks Kayla Stevens
  3. We can preach the gospel. Give Tracks. Thanks Kayla Stevens
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  5. Dear women and girls As God's children we should not wear lipstick or lipgloss. God likes use without make. So give your life to God Thanks Kayla Stevens
  6. Good to see. Be optimistic and keep it up. However, I would suggest you start the keto diet with workouts.
  7. My aunt has diabetes for years but her hair is very thick but yes, in some cases it could happen. Nowadays, depression and hormonal balance are also causing hair loss in many youngsters.
  8. Since last year, I am doing workouts and preferring the keto diet to reduce my weight. Almost all parts of the body shed off fat but when I look at my belly it still has fat as compared to other parts of the body. When I talked with my gym trainer, she suggested the following tips: Add vinegar in the diet Drink plenty of water Go to bed early Start using the meal replacement shakes of Ambronite to satisfy the hunger in lunch time and especially after workouts. Avoid carbonated drinks However, I am also doing a few belly centric workouts to slim my stomach. Crunches including side, reverse, vertical and twist crunches Rolling Plank Exercise The Stomach Vaccum
  9. Summer is here and so is frizzy hair. Therefore, taking care of your mane is what you need to do this summer. To help you with the same, here are some hair care tips for the season. Cover Your Mane: If you're in the sun, It's advisable to cover up. This not only provides you with UV protection but also helps retain scalp moisture and reduces damage caused by the wind. Say NO to Heat: Avoid blow-drying or ironing your hair as it's already exposed to natural heat in the summer. Doing so, will only cause damage and make your hair frizzy. Opt for Comfortable Hairstyle: It's advisable to opt for comfortable hairstyles during the summer. Tight styles could damage your name as it pulls the hair back. A messy braid instead, is ideal for keeping those locks under control and is one of the best haircare tips to stand by. Spray and Seal: A frizzy mane needs utmost care. Therefore, a concoction of aloe vera juice, avocado oil and water is all you need to set those locks. Just spray it whenever it needs control and you're good to go. Another great option is a mixture of argan oil and water.
  10. In my opinion, I have so much scar problem. I use some home remedies which is aloe vera, coconut oil, rose water, Etc. But i can't any effect using it. Then I consult my skin doctor he suggests me one gel which is good for my scar problem which is A Ret Gel.
  11. You are not alone, from time to time I also get these little dry patches, it is almost like eczema, I have noticed they will stick around for a few months then just disappear. I wouldn't exfoliate them though, it will irritate, I normally just apply some cream.
  12. Thats a great idea, good luck to you! I use https://zen-promotion.com for likes, followers and analytics, maybe you'll find it useful.
  13. Make sure to start with a good skincare routine. Cleanser, Toner, Moisturizer. I also like to use some face oil with my moisturizer which really helps me. I do this all before I prime to make sure my skin is as hydrated as possible. I recommend Rose Hip Nourishing Oil by Mario Badescu.
  14. Here some Effordable Answers that works: Diagrams for eyeshadow that show what the "waterline," "crease," etc. are. Explanation of color theory/undertones Highlighting/contouring (I think just mentioning that it exists would suffice because this is probably more of an advanced thing, but it basically blew my mind when I realized this was a thing) The fact that makeup counters give samples Monistat being used as a primer (like what?!!?) Maybe a link to pictures of the different brush to show the differences between them Might be worth it to mention that cleaning brushes on the regular is a good thing (and mention of cleaning methods?) Popular websites/tutorials on youtube for further exploration (Lisa Eldridge, Beautyepic, Wayne Goss, ...etc.)
  15. Makeup can both define and hide, and applied thickly enough (as in your example image), it can obscure the natural facial features and redefine its contours. I would venture to guess that an older woman would look fairly similar in the after picture, given the same makeup job. The “before” picture was shot in natural light, without obvious filters or Photoshop, while the “after” looks digitally altered and professionally lit. Older women, by the way, are often told to go light on the makeup, because heavy foundation and eyeliner can settle into wrinkles, making them appear more prominent. (Just as heavy makeup can sometimes make a young person’s acne scars look prominent.) Most of the time, women aren’t going to be walking around with heavy stage makeup and dramatic contouring, though. And there are other signals, such as the person’s figure, that balance out the aging effect of the makeup. In light makeup, shot in natural light, the model’s age would probably appear pretty much the same. There is too much going on, outside of the makeup, to evaluate these photos on equal footing.
  16. what makeup tip do you wish you’d known about years ago?
  17. I use Gel Nail Polish and I like it because it is affordable and it's unique features like, dry faster under a minute and it has many color options and also It’s an easy removal so you can apply your next coat. Buy gel nail polish online on societyvogue.com.
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  19. Very cute and pretty summer blue!
  20. I've been so busy, have not been keeping up. Curious to see how it goes since they promised they are upgrading after their price increase.
  21. EdithS2

    Upsizing a little?

    I wish you all the happiness and treats and enjoyment in the world. I can relate to flashbacks and tears at work. I get flashes when I wake up at night out of a deep sleep. And then I recall my stepfather died, my mom died, and it's been years now. It makes me feel so scared. Like I block it out the rest of the time. I'm not in total no buy control but not on a big binge any more either. I got better when my second job started back up. I don't feel that guilt and shame I was having before when I get things, and I have been getting fewer things without really trying. Be well my friend.
  22. Who was in Mexico? Someone know a good place to chill out? What about the girls there?
  23. Feminine hygiene products are incredibly helpful in cleaning women's vagina, reducing and preventing gynecological diseases. Nevertheless, we need to know the correct way to use it. Otherwise, it will be quite dangerous for our health. It is recommended to follow certain rules when using feminine hygiene products: 1. Do not use it more than 2 times a day Various women often use feminine hygiene products anytime they want, even after they go to the toilet. This is a completely wrong method because hygiene products are fundamentally detergents. Using them more than two times a day may cause dryness and itchiness for your vagina. 2. Do not douche For your information, there are millions of beneficial bacteria inside your vaginal canal. They are responsible for cleaning your vagina. Hence, douching is unnecessary. In fact, it can create a tract for harmful bacteria to penetrate deeply into your uterus, causing severe diseases. When you clean your vagina, it is recommended to wash on the outside only. Then, you should dry it with a dirt-free towel. 3. Use an appropriate product A good feminine hygiene product should have natural ingredients and suitable pH degree. It safer than those made from metal ingredients. Also, it can minimize your chances of getting skin irritation and itchiness.
  24. Here is an unboxing of the Birchbox May box. Did you get yours? Thoughts?
  25. Did you get anything from the MAC Aladdin Collection? If so what were your pics?
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