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  2. I love that many of the fragrances here have an imposing character of their own, yet undoubtedly bring out the best in a woman, and still hypnotize the majority of men around every single time!
  3. just visited ur blog! keep up the good writing! we need more authentic beauty bloggers rather than just instagram photos.
  4. I love camping a lot! i camp on the great outdoor to relax and chill whenever i had too much work stress. (which is quite common)
  5. keep practicing! u will get better and better with your eye pencil. when i started i was really bad, i am so glad i took photos and keep these memories, now that i look at it, i laugh. don't worry! u will get better at drawing your eye liners!
  6. eat more fruits and vegetables and drink lots of water. i been reducing my meat intake coz i realize my acne come out lesser if i reduce meat and milk intake.
  7. same here! i use this foot peel masks. they ship for free in america if u meet their cart volume. i like it because its so effective. i only used 2 peels and now my feet feels like baby soft skin. omg my heels are now so smooth and nice. i actually thought i was only getting 2 peels but its actually 3 in 1. think their listing was not so written well, got a surprised when i received 3 packs in 1 box.
  8. i give them lots of nuts and seeds for the calcium and nutrient. its a lot better that dairy products to be honest
  9. i have both a cat and a dog at home! both are pretty old though. unfortunately, my cat meowmeow just had an eye surgery. had to remove the right eye because of internal pressure hopefully she can retire well
  10. i actually bought this for my niece the other day a MENSTRUAL CUP. lol i thought since she is starting her menstrual, she may as well try something that is more environmental friendly and cheaper (in the long run, better than paying for disposable tampons or sanitary pads right) not sure what my sis thinks though... lol she has the educational job.
  11. a menstrual gift basket is so cool!
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  13. and please stay out of the sun! even if u are wearing hat or sunscreen.... i avoid the sun as much as possible
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  15. Lip renewal serum. My lips used to crack peel and split over night till this stuff. Lipstick always clumped and looked so bad till now.
  16. Radiant defense. It’s dermacosmetics, so it actually improves your skin the longer you wear it. Super easy to apply and you can have shear coverage to full coverage and contour with it.
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  19. In einem Casino spielen Pragmatic Play Spiele Sie können diese Art von Geld verdienen, das Sie nicht einmal in Ihren Händen gehalten haben. Ich schaffe es oft zu gewinnen, ich habe eine Menge gehört, dass jemand nicht erfolgreich ist, aber sie weiterhin spielen. Ich denke, dass dies nur Zeitverschwendung ist, einfach Geld wegzuwerfen und nicht zu gewinnen. Wenn es nicht zum Spielen geht, halte ich es nicht für notwendig, weiterzumachen, es bedeutet, dass es nicht dein Tag ist.
  20. Lashboost!!! It works amazingly to make lashes longer thicker and darker. Mine were stumps and now when I put on mascara the touch my eye brows. It’s super quick to. A swipe every night before bed and you get your own lashes.
  21. I swear by Rodan and Fields bright eye complex and multi function eye cream. I do not get 8 hrs of sleep I do not eat the greatest. I need coffee to get me going every morning. Using those 2 products under my eyes has made a huge improvement. No more crows feet, the luggage I had have gone from a 20 piece set to a small carry one bag and the dark circles I can cover with a thin dusting of peptide powder.
  22. A good exfoliation and active hydration serum and followed up triple defense and my skin is glowing, soft and protected 😊
  23. You need Rodan and fields active hydration serum and bright eye complex!!! The hydration serum actually pulls moisture from the air into your skin. Gives you glowing skin and helps smooth lines and wrinkles. And the bright eye helps hydration that delicate skin under the eye and reduces the dark circles under your eyes. The improvement in my skin has been amazing. I swear by them! Let me know if you have questions and I’m happy to get you info on them.
  24. I've used neosporin on my face for many years now. In fact it's all I use. I have a tanning bed in my house and I'm a smoker. Im almost 40 years old and most ppl guess around 25 so yeah it works! If you really think about it it makes sense. Neosporin is used to speed up cell production to the area you apply it on. Rapid cell turnover is the key to younger looking skin.
  25. Last night I was organizing things for my Project Use It Up, and it brought back good memories of my 2018 year long no buy, I realized I'd just taken up all my old No Buy habits again so easily. It was a wonderful feeling of familiarity. Then I realized that my 2018 No Buy was not a failure, was not a waste, even though I cracked and have been back in my compulsive shopping since January. Because during that No Buy and even the No Buys before that, I developed a system for myself, and built up habits, and it's all still there. All of my cosmetics are still organized the way I had them in my No Buy. My debts are pretty low now because I worked hard paying extra on them during the No Buy. Everything has been on hold, but is waiting for me to come back, right where I left off. It was a wonderful moment of reconciliation. My first financial goal was to pay off my $30.00 bill for a buy now pay later site. I made the payment yesterday, the payment is still pending, and I still feel tempted to buy more from the site. So even though the bill is paid, I don't have closure yet. I hope that craving will go away. Because if I buy the things I want, that will add another $60 to $90 to the beginning of the debt snowball, plus reinforce shopping on that site even more. But the No Buy Project Pan activities soothe my anxiety and boredom. Last night I was organizing my shower gels based on fluid ounces (I have over 30, and want to use up the smaller ones first because they are easier). I fell asleep and had a nightmare about work. Then in the dream I was organizing my shower gels at my desk at work. I saw some beautiful white bottles with ornate gold letters, French words about summer. They were Yves Rocher limited edition summer shower gels. When I saw those, it was a reality check. I realized those were not real shower gels in my collection, and I became lucid in my dream. I decided in my lucid dream I wanted to go to Europe to spend the summer in an elegant villa. I left work through ornate thin metal gates, painted white, and walked down a green grassy path. I was a little worried because I only had my purse with me; I had left everything else behind at work. I figured I must have some money, so I would work things out when I got to Europe. Then the YouTube playlist that I keep running all night switched to another video, and I woke up.
  26. It's great that you mentioned your skin type! because a lot of people show us 'their' skin routines but never mention what skin type they are Dafont Showbox Adam4adam
  27. Hello Sarkari Result Pnr Status
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