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    Just wanted to say hi to everyone. Just joined today.
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    Hey everybody, Myself Sophia and I'm new to the community😀
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    Gel Polish is convenient and beautiful. Many girls have already begun to do manicures at home. Therefore, we decided to talk about the secrets of choosing a varnish with which you no longer need a list with prohibited components. We used to talk about the difference between gel polish and shellac . Shellac is a material that is special in composition and properties. Gel polish is a hybrid of gel and varnish that cures with an ultraviolet lamp. It is much more resistant and can last up to three weeks. Gel polishes differ in composition, application and removal technology. At the heart of any varnish is the four main components: polymer, plasticizer, pigment, solvent. You also need to remember the biogel coating. Its composition most often does not include harmful components: acrylic acid, benzene and acetone. This tool provides a strong coating, protects nails and restores a natural healthy tone. Worn up to three weeks, after which it is specially removed. The UV lamp has an expiration date, which must be indicated in the certificate (number of hours). What to look for More expensive - not always better! The first thing you should pay attention to is composition. But do you remember all the dangerous components? We have a way out! If you see 7free, 5-free, or at least 3free. Feel free to buy! In such a product there is no: formaldehyde, debutyl phthalate, camphor, xylene and MEK (methyl ethyl ketone). Such varnishes do not harm the consumer and the environment. Decide which varnish you need: one- (three-in-one system), two- (two products in one) or three-phase (technology: base - varnish - coated). There is no single-phase varnish: toluene, formaldehyde and other harmful components, unlike other coatings. Less - fragility Look at the consistency. It should be saturated and dense (density). Purchase products in specialized stores that have certificates. Be wary of Chinese gel polishes (study the composition), as there are a lot of fakes on the beauty market now. Give preference to a rubber basis of natural origin (safe and non-toxic material). It is advisable to renew your manicure after 10-14 days to avoid tightening the nail plate and damage. Choose fashionable and neutral colours that suit any look.
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    Happy New Year! I really didn't have a fun or special New Years Eve. I left work early, but with worry and stress. I didn't have anything fun planned, and no excitement about waiting for midnight. I went to bed early and slept through it. I don't feel anything different, don't feel anything new. I'm just continuing what I've already been doing. I'm working on using up the minis from my Yves Rocher Beauty Advent calendar, and the foil pack samples from my DHC catalog. Right now, I'm using up the mini Comforting Shower Balm with Shea Butter for extra dry skin from my Advent calendar, and Urumai Cream foil pack from DHC catalog. It's actually good I don't feel anything special or new. It means I'm not at the beginning any more. I'm in a different, more advanced phase of my plan. It shows I've progressed and grown a lot. Why try to go back to the beginning? I've earned this place I am at now. I'm still quite broke from completing my goal of paying off my credit card by the end of the year. In 24 hours, I get paid again and will be over that, can start on my new financial goal.
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    What am I wishing for right now? Yesterday I was looking at the Yves Rocher French website to see if they have anything new that might come to the US. I found something to love, but not a thing this time. In France, Yves Rocher has special salons. They have some fabulous sounding treatments. One I really fell in love with was an eyebrow treatment. They put eye patches under your eyes, then while those are on, they shape the eyebrows. After all is done, they apply an eye cream. That's what I'd love right now, and I suppose I could copy it at home with what I already have.
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    Hello everyone, I Samantha Serrano would like to challenge you to go to Ulta Beauty and only spend $25 on as many makeup products as you can. This is a fun challenge because it shows you don't need to spend a lot to get a great look. So go shopping and let me and everyone else know how you did!! Check my video link below to see how I did. 💖
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    Yesterday I slept through my alarm. When I went outside, it was so beautiful, the birds were singing so happily, and the neighborhood ducks were in the yard. I love mornings outside, and hated to leave for work. When I got to work, there was a cardinal outside, but I had no time for it. I went into work, sat at my desk and looked longingly out the window at the blue sky and the sunlight, wanting to be outdoors. Making money is so hard. But I had a good day, and I was motivated, and it went quickly. I got a really good monthly eval. I always do. And I felt better. Getting over post holiday blues. Still excited for tax refund!
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    Hi Sophia 💐
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    Over the course of a year, I have been trying to find the best remedy for myself, and dos is still in search! Choosing the right foundation is incredibly difficult for me.
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    No Buy hobby continues. I have been loving the No Buy content of Elle S on You Tube! She is so inspiring to me, because like me, she talks about being on a No Buy because of financial needs. I love her video, "Beauty Budget while on a No Buy??" (December 1, 2019). I like it because she talks about making products last longer and getting more use out of them rather than being in a rush to pan them. It's such a well thought out video, and she has great ideas. It's a nice change from the decluttering trend. No Buy Program Guide: Also I am having fun revisiting the Serein Wu No Buy series from last year on You Tube. She had a weekly vlog series, which was like a delightful and funny TV show. She has a playlist on her channel (No Buy/Low Buy Year 2019)-better than Netflix! I am following along week by week, Last year I loved it but stopped watching at the end of January when my No Buy crashed, because I was so broken hearted over how I was doing. If I don't crash this year, I'll be able to watch what I missed. Making replacement buys fun. The only thing I need to replace is deodorant. How can I make that one allowed purchase more fun? I've been shopping around. Secret has a new product out, an essential oil product that's paraben free, and beautifully packaged. It was supposedly crafted by perfumers. I want the Rose and Charcoal, "No. 27". It's a bit more expensive than your average Secret stick, but looks worth it. Also Avon has some little sets: there is one with Skin So Soft Deo and a matching hand cream for four dollars and change, and also several sets where the Deo comes with a little matching perfume for ten dollars and change. I want to treat myself to the new Secret or an Avon set, which will be a little special, but a guilt free purchase. Who's that girl? I was distracted by an email from L'Oreal with the title, "Tired Of Overpaying For Makeup?" It was advertising how their foundation and concealer is a good value. There is an amazing model in the email. She is blonde and has near invisible eyebrows! I love the look of very faint or thin eyebrows, a kind of 1970's look. It's what I've always wanted. I don't like the strong brow look of today at all. Of course, I have a box of strong brow products from the beauty boxes, because beauty boxes send you what's trendy, not what you really want (remember that!). I've always wanted my brows to be less. I shaved them off one time and drew new ones in with an eyebrow pencil, but they grew back looking worse. But I love the look of this model. Hope this is a new trend! (Update - the model is Soo Joo Park!) Money? Still suffering from pay cuts. Trying to get my taxes done asap, if I could just get my W2! Hoping for a refund so I can put $100 on the credit card I'm trying to pay off, and buy my special deodorant! Here's to the new decade!
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    The eye does not look beautiful only with eyebrows, but also needs to be very thick and Dark Eyelashes. Using castor oil, coconut oil, onion juices, aloevera, lemon, etc. we can thicken the eyebrow as well, with the help of castor oil, coconut oil, and Careprost Eye Drop, we can achieve thicker and long Eyelashes.
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    Advent Calendar Day 22 - Black Cherry nail polish - very beautiful. Cosmetics of Christmas Past I was looking at my No Buy journals from 2017 and 2018, and saw that I had received many wonderful things at Christmas of years past that I have not even used yet! I tend to save pretty, new things up and hoard them, feeling they are too pretty to use, and then years go by and they are still untouched, stored away. Christmas 2017 On December 23 I got in the mail the December Birchbox, with two extra boxes of samples free (it was a special promo). I've used up many of the samples in those boxes, but the following samples I still have and have never touched: Benefit Porefessional Pearl Primer Stila mascara Marcelle mascara Sand and Sky Masque Matrix leave in hair product Eyelash curler LOC eye shadow I got a necklace for Christmas that year that I've never worn. It is a special "Daughter" necklace from my Dad. Christmas 2018 I still have yet to use many of the wonderful gifts my brother gave me. He is a wonderful shopper. Marianne Faithful Girl On A Motorcycle DVD- so cool; I forgot all about it. Yardley soaps. Did I ever get around to using those? I love Yardley. Her Royal Highness fragrance - dupe of Vera Wang Princess - never tried it. A family friend gave me a bejewelled little Moroccan type tunic. She also gave me some little socks that have embroidered roses. I fell in love with them, stored them away like precious treasure, and forgot all about them! These are just some of many examples in my life.
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    Advent Calendar Day 15 - Shimmery purple eye crayon. Day 16 - Comforting Shower Balm - This is not something I would have chosen for myself, but it's really divine. It does lather and make bubbles, but it's so soft and creamy. It has botanical oils and shea butter. Day 17 - Hair Masque with avocado oil - This masque is a 2 in 1 product, because it can be used before shampooing for a longer time for a deep conditioning treatment, or after shampooing for a shorter time. It was amazing, and brought out my natural waves. Day 18 - Pale pink pearly nail polish. Day 19 - Hydrating face cream. Day 20 - First Snowflakes Hand Cream - In the wonderful white almond scent. Day 21 - Argan Rose Shower Gel - I've wanted to try this so badly since it came out last spring. A rich scent with beautiful packaging. I'm now in the time of last minute gifts and preparation. Last night at Dollar General, I bought the "Olivia Grace Shower in Luxury" gift set for a friend. This is a really nice gift set for $10.00. It comes in a large and beautiful box, and has a hair wrap, body wrap, shower pouf, and scented shower gel. The cashier thought it was nice also. I haven't paid extra on my credit card since December 4, and I do miss making progress on it. I was so close to the end. It's not good to leave financial goals for the end of the year, I have learned.
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    Hi, I use anti-aging serum from anahitaonlinestore.com. It works really great for me. I use it after cleaning and before applying my daycream. I guess everybody has to find what really works for them.
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    Filmfare Glamour and Style Awards 2019 was a star-studded event where we spotted the who's who of Bollywood. Among those gorgeous celebrities was the stunning Kiara Advani who team Be Beautiful roped in for a quick beauty interview. Watch the video to know the Kabir Singh actress, Kiara Advani's beauty and skin secrets.
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    It may sound strange to many people, but I like writing it. I like any written task, and essays are my favorite. But everything depends on the type of essay. I love writing a literature review, research essays, but my least favorite had always been a critical analysis essay. It was hard and stressful for me to write, but I managed to "conquer" it too. And it all because of one useful article I found. There I found a lot of valuable tips on writing a critical analysis essay, and you can navigate here to read it too. Now it's not a problem for me to write it. I keep notes I made from that article, and they are my little helpers.
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    In my opinion wearing makeup can give some women boost in their confidence and make them feel good about themselves. What are your views on that?
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    It's too bad the serum didn't work out as well as you expected. Have you tried diluting it in your toner or moisturizer?
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    so true ! , makeup does help people feel much better of themselves , makeup can make someone feel beautiful even though every single human is beautiful and unique in their on way. personally makeup makes me feel more confident and makes me look better lol. some people wear makeup because its fun , its also an art. i totally agree with your opinion.
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    Wow! I have never seen a product like this before. This looks like an advance method of drying your hair. Amazing!
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    Some of the stuff on my previous lists i'm still working on. Some are more recent purchases I've dug myself into a hole with. They're all on the way out. Another felce azzura Another blistex (Blistex, Felce, Please stop manifesting on my property, please. Go practice your appearing act somewhere else for a while.) Nivea baby cream Rose toner Body spray Foot cream and spray Sesame+ essential oil blend Coconut+essential oil blend Handcream Bepanthen plus Calendula salve Two lipglosses Tinted moisturizer Lush lipscrub 6 (!) Bottles of fragrances Cotton wool Mouthwash from hell Peppermint oil Eventually: bunch of lipsticks, mascara, shadows, highlighters, crayons, eyeliners, brow pens and brow kit Tossed out all three catrice items and samples. Still have two moisturizers I want to be certain before giving up on. The one good thing that came out of IFRA regulations is it got me off Lush. I used to love the bathbombs, but the scent is barely there now, and it was my reason for buying them. Can't say I miss that expense!
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    I was thinking we get the box going next week, the week of Feb 12th. Does that work for everybody?

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