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    I am coming to you asking for some advice / tips. I have a problem with the splitting ends of my hair. My hair is thin, long-reaching to the waist, but they are still stuffed and also very weak. Single straightening with a straightener causes immediate splitting of the tips. The structure of the hair is very weak. What to do?? What kind of shampoo / nails / masks do you recommend? I will add that I do not dye my hair.
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    Hi girls! As my login indicates, I am a 20-year-old girl from Poland. I create this topic to get any advice regarding my long-standing problem. For 2 years I have been struggling with subcutaneous pustules around my chin. Unfortunately, no peels, facials that have been used so far do not help ... I am begging for some advice from You-girls. I will be very grateful for any answer :))
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    I got the box on Saturday! It was jam packed. The second pic is what I took, the third pic is what I added. I removed some packaging to help it all fit. The last pic are the items I removed that were damages/leaking/not permitted. I'm ready to send the box to @mirandamanda tomorrow. Sorry I couldn't update sooner, I worked a "clopen" this weekend, closed Saturday night opened Sunday had to be at work at 5am today. I'm gonna go take a nap!
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    Hi, everyone! I know I'm new here but I'm very passionate about makeup, and here I've found a lot of fun and helpful tips for makeup, even being a makeup artist. You all are great! Not so long ago I've created my YouTube Channel. If you can take a look and give me your thoughts! Your opinion really maters! Love you all!
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    Got my box today: Instant firming and lifting face serum
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