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    Aaaand i've hit pan on most of the items on my lists and then some. Will definitely compile a more detailed list of used up and next to use up items as self-motivation when I have more time. I also discovered another tube of blistex, and another bottle of felce azzura, so still working on those. Lol, just as I think I'm done with them, more crawl out of the woodwork. I've found a decent baby cream that moisturizes enough without breaking me out, and that's a success in my book. At my age I should really be on an anti aging regime, but I can't for the life of me find anything that works with my skin, so am currently just aiming at not being dehydrated. I haven't had my fragrance obsession under control. I bought more scents, some of them blindly, and gave some away because they didn't work for me. Luckily, I buy travel sizes, so it wasn't a huge expense. On my next purchase, I made sure to test them before buying and actually got stuff I like wearing. I have enough of a collection now to feel like I can stop buying until I run out, literally. BUT I did use up some of the scents I dreaded using up, both hubs and I survived the experience and are glad it's over. I have stopped buying things when I feel ugly. They won't make me into someone else. I have stopped depriving myself from things I enjoy using for the same reason too. I'm not "too ugly to be allowed to smell good" for example. All in all, I buy things a lot more rationally now. I also need to toss out a few things. If they don't work, they don't. When i'm back, I want to be able say I threw out the nivea samples, vichy foundation samples, catrice foundation, two catrice concealers, mixa cream, and possibly a nivea cream (retesting to make sure it was the culprit behind redness and burning upon first use), dry shampoo. Happy panning everyone!!
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    Gel Polish is convenient and beautiful. Many girls have already begun to do manicures at home. Therefore, we decided to talk about the secrets of choosing a varnish with which you no longer need a list with prohibited components. We used to talk about the difference between gel polish and shellac . Shellac is a material that is special in composition and properties. Gel polish is a hybrid of gel and varnish that cures with an ultraviolet lamp. It is much more resistant and can last up to three weeks. Gel polishes differ in composition, application and removal technology. At the heart of any varnish is the four main components: polymer, plasticizer, pigment, solvent. You also need to remember the biogel coating. Its composition most often does not include harmful components: acrylic acid, benzene and acetone. This tool provides a strong coating, protects nails and restores a natural healthy tone. Worn up to three weeks, after which it is specially removed. The UV lamp has an expiration date, which must be indicated in the certificate (number of hours). What to look for More expensive - not always better! The first thing you should pay attention to is composition. But do you remember all the dangerous components? We have a way out! If you see 7free, 5-free, or at least 3free. Feel free to buy! In such a product there is no: formaldehyde, debutyl phthalate, camphor, xylene and MEK (methyl ethyl ketone). Such varnishes do not harm the consumer and the environment. Decide which varnish you need: one- (three-in-one system), two- (two products in one) or three-phase (technology: base - varnish - coated). There is no single-phase varnish: toluene, formaldehyde and other harmful components, unlike other coatings. Less - fragility Look at the consistency. It should be saturated and dense (density). Purchase products in specialized stores that have certificates. Be wary of Chinese gel polishes (study the composition), as there are a lot of fakes on the beauty market now. Give preference to a rubber basis of natural origin (safe and non-toxic material). It is advisable to renew your manicure after 10-14 days to avoid tightening the nail plate and damage. Choose fashionable and neutral colours that suit any look.
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    Some of the stuff on my previous lists i'm still working on. Some are more recent purchases I've dug myself into a hole with. They're all on the way out. Another felce azzura Another blistex (Blistex, Felce, Please stop manifesting on my property, please. Go practice your appearing act somewhere else for a while.) Nivea baby cream Rose toner Body spray Foot cream and spray Sesame+ essential oil blend Coconut+essential oil blend Handcream Bepanthen plus Calendula salve Two lipglosses Tinted moisturizer Lush lipscrub 6 (!) Bottles of fragrances Cotton wool Mouthwash from hell Peppermint oil Eventually: bunch of lipsticks, mascara, shadows, highlighters, crayons, eyeliners, brow pens and brow kit Tossed out all three catrice items and samples. Still have two moisturizers I want to be certain before giving up on. The one good thing that came out of IFRA regulations is it got me off Lush. I used to love the bathbombs, but the scent is barely there now, and it was my reason for buying them. Can't say I miss that expense!
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    Use it up: -Half a package of box dye. Shade lighter than current shade, but if it succeeds in half-decent grey coverage, it'll do. Worth a shot. -lipstick in "chai latte" -2 lip liners -2 brow pencils -1 concealer - 1 protective foot cream - 1 foot spray - 1 calendula salve -vaseline -two felce azzura powders -peppermint essential oil (hair!) -samples. (Speaking of, am I the only paranoid freak with an emergency hospital bag in her wardrobe? I've had it for a while and the cosmetics pouch is full of samples. Need to check those and use up or bin if they're past expiration date) Random household items to use up: -half a scented candle - ground cardamom -2 squeeze bottles with leftover honey -Vitamin C powder -week's worth of hair and nail supplements Donate to women's shelter or bin if assessed useless: -dry shampoo -3 hairsprays - "moisturizer" (extra cone-y) -unopened scented candle -paraffin cubes -1 white eyeshadow -eyeshadow quad palette Test again to hopefully find a use for, else bin: -4 mascaras -liquid foundation -lipgloss (drying as heck) -chapstick (likewise) -makeup brightening drops -camouflage cream Phew. So much useless crap. Need to reread this list before I attempt to buy things again. At least it's cheap stuff. I'm still choking on the more expensive purchases.
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    I'm still panning, no worries. BUT, I'm obsessed with growing out my nails now. They're good nails, just get ruined at work so have to keep filing them. I bought a dyi gel polish kit. It's helping, but there is a learning curve, and the first few removal processes were tough on my nails. Still better than naked nails or regular polish, since it keeps them from always being soaked through and through with water and cleaner. I only wear clear gel for now. I bought a thing here and there apart from the gel kit, but it's stuff that's being used. General trend is still spending more than necessary, still working on that. Going from not smoking to smoking and back again frequently. I'm fine for weeks, then the crisis happens. Mostly I miss my five minutes alone with something to comfort me, I start eating even more and gaining weight, and the first couple of weeks of quitting again I become so weepy from flashbacks to my mother's cancer and grandfather's violence and things like that that I start to worry I won't be able to hold back tears at work. Nicorette gum made my ulcer bleed because I over-chew. You're supposed to bite into it a few times to release the nicotine, then store it in your cheek like a hamster. I kept chewing out of habit, and swallowing the nicotine. So had to quit those. The patch is more expensive, but next time I quit, I might try that. Or hopefully I'll be so tired of myself i'll quit cold turkey with no aid.
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    I'm making more changes for the better. And I'm certain what started it was joining the Pan It Up bandwagon. Hubs has quit smoking a month ago because his doctor didn't like the sound of his lungs (they're good. Just a smoker's wheezing sound). I didn't think I was ready to quit just yet, but I was determined I would, as when you're not exposed to second hand smoke seems like a good time to give it up. Nearly a month later, I was feeling virus-ey, and having a cigarette almost made me physically want to throw up. But I continued to smoke through the nausea, until I noticed I had only five cigs left. I decided I would smoke those, then, fed up and nauseated, simply not get new ones. And I did just that. It'll be two weeks this saturday, and it's hasn't been nearly as difficult as we're lead to believe. All those statistics and articles about nicotine being a helluva addictive drug make you think you'll have to check into rehab or something, and I think they actually discourage people from attempting to quit because they make it sound like a gruelling process only the most exceptional superhumans can go through. I am not a person of strong will power or self discipline at all, and I don't find it difficult. The only "cravings" I get are related to habit- I used smoking as a way of stealing five minutes of alone time. In company, I used it as a shield against the other person, as in, being primarily involved with the act of smoking, I pushed the person to the periphery and made myself less uncomfortable. I used it to collect myself in bad moments, and to celebrate good ones. So it's just been this learned reaction to reach for a cig at certain moments that I'm having to unlearn, but it's nothing terrible. I miss smoking quite a lot, it gives a certain comfort psychologically. But I don't understand the exaggerated portrayals of abstaining. On the vain side of things, I'm no longer willing to simply accept that work ruins my hands like this. So I'm on a religious hand, nail and cuticle treatment mission. Currently impatiently trying to grow out a nail that broke way down to the nail bed. Trying a dyi garlic polish this weekend, will report on the efficacy and the smell lol. Used up the felce azzura, a body moisturizer, peppermint oil, and lost a lipgloss (it was a good one, but still, that is one less to use up). I have stopped obsessively buying fragrances. None of them are "lifechangingly good" lol, even if they have raging reviews, popularity, and iconic status. Also, a sales girl had asked me whether I buy them for gifts or whether it's all for myself, and I felt so uncomfortable. Like an alcoholic called out on their habit. Seriously. It made me not want to go back any time soon, and they have the best prices, so I don't want to buy elsewhere either. I'm grateful to her, lol, she saved me some shelf space, sanity, and money. I have been eating too much, and none of it was even remotely healthy. My stomach hurts pretty much all the time, and I'm gaining weight fast. So this is next on the list. I'm realizing that an "improvement" tendency has crept up on me. Usually, before attempting any positive changes, I'd wait to feel like it's the right time. I'd think about it for weeks or months to feel in the right headspace, then wait to also feel a corresponding emotional charge. So, imaginably, I haven't been one quick to improve on myself or my habits. I'm surprised that despite having had almost no motivation, no excitement, not much premeditation, and feeling overall blah, some habits seemed to just change themselves. Been a cosmetics hamster, along came Edith. Been a fragrance junkie, until having been underwhelmed one too many times, and called out by a teenage cashier. Been a die hard smoker, until I was forced to smoke outside with a cold so as to not expose hubs to it. I mean, I'm a slug, and not even I am totally recalcitrant. That's kind of eye opening to me. None of that "making positive changes" is reserved for superhumans. Must sound really odd that that's news to me, but it is. How's everyone been??
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    Hit pan: -one more felce azzura powder -one hair and scalp oil treatment -last few drops of Paloma Picasso (and of course, I didn't "get" the appeal of it until..the last few drops), Kenzo Jungle Elephant, D&G The One Desire -scented candle -Vitamin C powder -hair and nail supplements -betadine I almost got something from the hotfoods isle, but got a hold of myself and walked away. I did buy cake three times in a row, no more of that. I think in terms of food, I've wanted both hubs and I to finally not feel deprived, as there have been times we couldn't afford to eat well, and that's putting it mildly. Just need to strike a middle ground now. I'm using up my coconut oil+essential oils blend as body lotion atm, and the coconut oil that's still intact in the jar is being used for pancakes and brownie topping, some of it has been transferred to a pot as paw ointment for pooch. When i've used up my cotton pads, I'm switching to sponges/ microfiber towels for cleansing. Cotton pads are really not indispensable to be honest. I need to keep trying to mix a stubbornly matte foundation with this and that to see if I can use it or not. Looking at eye and lip makeup items, I feel their weight pressing down on me lol. But really, I do. If they become too much of a mental burden, I will toss some of them. I'll try not to. It's a grim reminder to not want to own things too badly lest they should own me. It's great seeing the basket on the bathroom shelf near empty.
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    Used up: One aloe gel, two fragrances, one deodorant, two small hand creams, one travel size q10 moisturizer, body lotion, one felce azzura powder, leftover honey for face masks, two blistex, one cold cream. Binned: One mascara that flaked, one crystal deodorant that did nothing, one drying chapstick, tube of concealer with not enough left in it to scoop out. It's taking longer to pan up the heavier products, but there's plenty of winter and dry skin weather ahead still, so i'm not in a hurry. I'm making sure to have cotton gloves ready before bed so I can smear on the calendula ointment, and my hands love it. I used to avoid this because I browse before bed, but i'm just keeping the gloves and a touchscreen pen near now so I have no excuses. I did buy a few items, though I was careful to buy reasonably priced ones that seemed like I could actually use. I got sesame oil, discovered I can't use it regularly without a mild breakout, but it's okay as body moisturizer and occasional dry skin relief on face. It's cheap, even organic, and I like cooking with it, so it's not something that I'll bitterly regret getting. I'm trying a baby moisturizer on my face, it's working pretty well at the moment. It's not ideal, but I'm sick of spending on things I'm supposed to be using on my face that I can't tolerate. Redness, burning, flaking, pilling, breakouts...not worth the dose of retinols, hyalurons, vitamin Cs, and whatnots. I'm learning not to buy things impulsively and for the novelty factor. I've gone back to buying the same deodorants that always worked for us, reading labels, giving it a few days before I get something. I plain calculate I can use the amount I'd spend on cosmetics for, duuh, bills, and items I actually need. Got a great trench at clearance price that I'll need come warmer weather. Replaced husband's old sweaters with really nice ones I dug out at a ridiculously low price (it involved an afternoon of going through malls, which I hate, but comparing the items and prices paid off). We've both been walking around in old looking clothes because we hate trips to the mall, but it was time, for real. I'm really not looking forward to when it's turn to use up some of the epic fails i've bought in the past and it's a good reminder to think before I spend. I need to make the time to make more meals ahead as i've been spending more than usual on food. Don't want to just switch to overspending in a different area.
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    Ensuring your skin is healthy and clear leads to great Makeup application. I ensure that my Brides and clients get the best results all year round by giving them some simple tips to ensure their skin is at its best on their big day. Read the rest of my article on Caring for your Skin in Winter on Heather Card Makeup Artistry If you have any questions or comments below, please feel free to comment on this post and I'll do my best to answer. Are you in Bristol and looking for a Professional Makeup Artist for your event? Please visit me on Heather Card Makeup Artistry
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    If you don’t naturally have long, thick lashes, the good news is that there are lots of options to give you a beautiful, natural-looking or even a dramatic eyelash look. One popular type of lash extensions service is the application of Mink lashes. A big fan of this type of lash extensions is superstar Beyoncé. Her makeup artist Wei Lang told The Cut, “I always use Mink lashes on her. They look amazing. I use strips by Velour called ‘Are Those Real?’ and I got her really into it, so she buys them by the ton.” Read on to find out more about this celebrity tested, Beyoncé-approved beauty technique. Photo by veroll sterling on Unsplash Mink lash extensions often come from the Siberian Mink, a dark-colored semi-aquatic animal. The Mink’s fur makes for luxurious, natural-looking and comfortably lightweight lashes. Mink fur also takes on a nice curl to help it blend in easily with your real eyelashes. Lash extensions are a great solution for achieving a gorgeous look every day without having to apply tons of makeup. While they do require the proper maintenance to appear their best, the lash extensions are sure to get you lots of compliments. Be sure to find the right trained esthetician or lash artist to apply your lashes. Your tech’s proper education and certification are key to achieving great results and for your eye health. Many lash artists have portfolios that you can check out before you choose to book a service. For example, Mobile Styles, the on-demand beauty app provides a portfolio section where you can browse the work of all the beauty pros listed in the app. With just a tap of taps of a button, you can find a talented lash artist and make an appointment. The best part of the Mobile Styles app is that your lash artist will come to you so that you can enjoy your service in the privacy of your own home. Now that you’ve found a lash artist, what can you expect of the service? The process usually takes about 2 hours for the first application. After that, you should maintain your lashes with appointments every 3-4 weeks. The tech applies the lashes while you are comfortably relaxed on a bed. Be sure to ask your lash artist for aftercare instructions! This may include avoiding water for the first 24 hours and avoiding certain mascaras.

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