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    Hey Birdie, I subscribed!! I have a channel too, if you don't mind following aswell :)! https://www.youtube.com/lindaaaboo Btw, you look young!! definitely not early 30's . Etude House is defiantly one of my favourite brands out there, its a shame that it's not that easy to get in UK, where do you get your products from? Online? My sister said this YouTube called 'Kim Dao' using that same college essence and its really good! I might look into that. OMG I LOVE skin food.. anything else you recommend from their brand? I love their face mask scrubs... smells amazing.. and and you used beauty water!!!! AHH I was looking at it on Yesstyle and I was so tempted to get it!! but it says it was for 'oily skin' so it made me contemplate to get it or not. what do you think? How was the cleansing oil? I have dry skin, but I don't like when my skin feels too oily.. if you know what I mean. Have you heard of Cleansing Balm Zero Banila? I've used that and i would say thats a little oily but I can handle that one. Linda
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    Hello everyone, Sammy Serrano here and I believe makeup def helps to boost confidence. I have lots of different look ideas if anyone would like to check out my videos. 💖💖
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    Hi all, I just wanna share some major causes of anti-aging which includes: An unhealthy diet Excess alcohol consumption Nicotine Psychological stress UV radiation in sunlight People with Combination skin can use an anti-ageing Cream and face creams but one of my friend use anti-aging face mask to remove this factors from her skin.
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    Hey guys 🙋‍♀️ new here. I'm crazy about skin and hair care! A month and half or so ago, I started using some Korean and Japanese skin care products I purchased off of amazon. These were very highly rated by customers so I thought I'd give it a try. In the video below I talk about why I became SO crazy with some of these products... do check it out. Thanks all... hope to get to know everyone here! ✌️ -Birdie
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    I love Korean cosmetics, but unfortunately, their shampoos don't fit me. That's why I only use Korean creams, masks, and eye patches. Thank you for your report.
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    Thank you for sharing these products. Please also share any Korean moisturizer for combination skin as my skin is horrible nowadays.
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    In my opinion wearing makeup can give some women boost in their confidence and make them feel good about themselves. What are your views on that?
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    I am a dress designer but struggling when it comes to makeup. Sp i want to learn the makeup and need advise cosmetics products buying...
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    @noshin javed Kinda disagree here! Having dry hands from a wee too much Isopropyl Alcohol is much better than getting Covid-19 virus
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    @reija That Becca palette is a highlighter paradise. The Ardel Demi Wispies is still my go-to falsies because they are the lightest and easiest to apply
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    Thank you for your recommendation, I always love Korean Skincare
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    Hey Linda... wow nice channel.. definitely following! You are gorgeous girl!! I buy most of my skin care products from amazon, sometimes from walmart (online) if I find it cheaper there. Yes definitely try the Etude House Collagen Essence. It has some boasted about ingredients like Baobab water etc.. Soooo.. Beauty Water is a moisturizing toner.. I don't know why it would say for oily skin. I have dry-combination and it works just fine. I cannot go a day without it because it really removes the sebum and whiteheads. I would say... give it a try! Wow Zero Banila huh.. I just looked it up and looks nice.. will try it.. The Kose cleanser I'm using in the video is good. It's a cleansing oil... It foams in water, so definitely doesn't leave any oil behind. I have heard a lot about Skin Food mask scrubs... high time I bought one ❤️ Birdie
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    Yeah I totally agree that the trends of fashion of clothes is growing with the passage of time so it's needed for everyone of clothes as make your appearance very obvious and awesome ..
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    Hi Jeff, Thanks for asking this question. As we grow old, our skin tends to get affected. Though there are many anti-ageing and wrinkle free creams available in the market they are not suitable for all skin types. You can definitely give it a try but taking other precautions will be fruitful, for example having ample amount of water, covering your face with some sort of cloth while going out on a sunny day, wash your face with lukewarm water on any day or e.t.c. There is this book written by Vasudha Rai - Glow that talks about everything from products to diet to home remedies on how to take care of skin and get glowing skin.
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    Hi @Alexabrown Hope you can join us for much beauty discussion!
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    Yeah I heard so many good reviews on this and it is super affordable. Supposed to help with brightening anything on the body. Thanks for watching:)
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    Hello, I reached out to a mineral custom makeup person on Etsy. Asking if she could match Mac Spice eye shadow. I mailed her my Mac Spice Eye shadow pod which was barely had any left. In about a week and a half, Diane emailed me a picture with her comparison of the original color. I was very happy with it but Diane wasn't happy with it. So, she tried again. She mailed the final product and to my amazement, it is a perfect match. I think even better. Please you will not be disappointed. Not to mention very reasonable (humble) price for all her efforts. She really enjoys what she does. Her information: www.etsy.com/shpo/TerreRegali or [email protected]
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    Self esteem isn't connected with the makeup. It is more sort of connected with your self acceptance about your self. Makeup just adds to that confidence of yours . It cannot increase your self esteem unless you don't have confidence about your self. There are many who still feels less confident while wearing makeup and more confident without wearing makeup. It is just in one's mind.
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    Hi! and Welcome to MakeupTalk. We've been online since 2003 and we're happy to have you!
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    OMG I love that BH Cosmetics Hangin' in Hawaii! Very nice tutorial! thank you
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    When people hear “custom made”… they immediately think expensive… or unnecessary… These clothes can LAST years & years… these showcase your personal style… but still no match for better fitting and quality materials can be used and so on.... I totally agree that custom made clothes are worth spending money.
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    Great tips! Especially 1st and 3rd one! Thank you
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    The video is very good to show to use the pink glitte hafl cut cease fo the women and girls is very good it will be very helful for the beautition to konw about how to get extra knowledge of makeup as the casual ..
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    Haha...I have a lot of favorites 😍My current love goes to Method body wash ,simply nourish 🥰Coconut ,rice milk and Shea butter scent.
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    I GUESS I HAVE SEEN THE MOST BEAUTIFUL EYE MAKES ON FEMINA WEBSITE . I GUESS YOU SHOULD CHECKOUT SOME TOO FOR AN INSPIRED LOOK. I am not much into it but my friend is and she loves them a lot and some days back she told me about how killer eye looks were on femina website .So here it goes
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    I used to use hair spray alot before to get a good shine and have damaged my hair. Later I started using hair masks and good conditioner which have improved the quality of my hair.
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    Could you kindly share the link to join this testing programme?
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    My sister in law tried spray for the hair loss treatment not she did not get any good results it might depends upon the get proper advice and recommnedation from a specilized dermotalogist ...
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    Hi everyone I'm a fresh graduate and a k-beauty lover. I don't have a lot of Asian skincare because the renowned ones are quite expensive for me (I'm just a fresh graduate T-T)... Of course I don't buy from official website. So I tend to look for some online retailers that can offer a lower price. There are numerous but I am greedy enough to look for the one that offers the lowest price. I think I find one but still wonder if there is a better (better price) store. I have been buying from TofuSecret (I don't hear about it a lot, so I guess it is quite new?). They claim to offer the lowest price I can ever find. I think this is true since I really do compare TofuSecret with other more famous retailer website and yeah they offer the same products at a lower price. And TofuSecret claim the products are 100% authentic. I have friends who are rich enough to buy skincare through an official channel (they don't believe much in online retail store), so I asked them to compare what I bought from TofuSecret with what they bought from official channel. And they are just the same. btw, TofuSecret offer alcohol sanitizer too. Didn't expect to see this category in a skincare store actually..... Despite low price, the package they sent me didn't look cheap. Actually my purchase was over 30 USD, so they offered a free delivery and I didn't expect much about the packaging. I mean I was ready to receive a cheap-looking package but it ended up that I rang the false alarm. Look at the photos, I had it delivered to my office <3, it makes my mood better to work lol. One of the items I bought, I tried to photograph it in a professional way lol. Hope it is not an eyesore. At least the thank you note can be used to decorate your office (just kidding) If you become a regular customer, you can save a lot of dollars given their loyalty program. I remember I saved 6 dollars on my second purchases because of the 6 loyalty points I gained from my first purchase of 56.4 USD. Sooo this is my sharing and it is really very much appreciated if you can offer any better (price) source to buy Asian skincare. ^-^ Thank you!!!
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    hi i need some professional help please! i am nearly 30 and really struggling with my foundation. when wearing no foundation my skin looks normal soon as i use foundation it looks so cakey and sinks into my lines on my forehead. iv tried different moisturisers primers and foundations from splashing out to some high end and nothing seems to work, i exfoliate and take my make-up off before bed iv tried using spongers and brushes and setting and fixing sprays but it all looks the same at the end ..a cakey mess. im not confident enough to go out without makeup so seeing the same result daily and wasting so much money trying to find the right product is frustrating and does get me down. if any one has any advice please get in touch! thank you
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    so true ! , makeup does help people feel much better of themselves , makeup can make someone feel beautiful even though every single human is beautiful and unique in their on way. personally makeup makes me feel more confident and makes me look better lol. some people wear makeup because its fun , its also an art. i totally agree with your opinion.
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    Hey, Pimples are just disgusting. I am mentioning some tips to make your skin pimple free: 1. Wash you face twice a day with a face wash 2. Use Moisturizer 3. Drink a lot of water and stay hydrated 4. Limit Make Up 5. Limit Sun Exposure 6. Avoid Junk Foods Always be Pimple Free
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    Hey, I like Dove Deep Moisture Nourishing Body Wash & Pears Pure And Gentle Body Wash
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    I know and use Korean fillers Neuramis. They not too expensive and always have good result. But maybe you could recommend any other Korean filler or meso-cocktail?
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    Hi all mate, This is Chicsta from Dubai, UAE. I love the makeup.
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    September 2018 brings us to the announcement of MakeupTalk's 15 Years of being online!
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    I'll just let you know what works for me in this case and it's up to you to decide..... May be you'll just try..... 1. Hydratation is the most important: 2 litters of water a day. On top of that for every cup of coffee consumed drink a cup of water. 2. Skin prep. Exfoliate. Depending on your skin of course.... But I go at least 1 time a week with a scrub. Also once a week I'll go for a cleansing mask. Usually it's clay of charcoal.... can be a peel-off mask. 3. Choose foundation you like. From higher end my fav would be Shameless by Mark Jacobs (the most beautiful one! better than my Dior Nude - same price point) The drugstore I like now is Wet'n'Wild Photo Finish!!! Soooo good! 4. Oil!!! If you'll mix 1 drop of face oil (Kiehl's Daily Reviving Concentrate - the one I use right now, but you can find it in a lot of brands e.g. Physitian's Formula, Urban decay, Tart) into foundation (put some on the tray or small plate and mix together) 5. At the end of makeup use setting spray, moisturizing spray .... of your choice...... These are the steps working for me..... Hope it was helpful. Let me know! Good Luck!!
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    So many scents, so little time. I don't think I have one favorite. I don't think I've ever bought the same one twice, to be honest. I like trying different kinds.
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    If the actual product freezes that will cause problems with your cosmetics. However, when ordering from a reputable company like Sephora, your products will most definitely be packaged to withstand the elements. Also, few packages will be exposed to freezing conditions long enough to cause problems on their journey. Let me know if this helps! -jayd
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    Hubby surprised me with a new camera to replace my Kodak (which I bought earlier this year but it's dead).... 2012 Winter Soap Box: Grinch Themed

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