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    Hi Nitya, great article! I'm so happy for you. But I'm not surprised - you are a wonderful smart and creative person! Now I had the same thing happen with the cashier. I was buying tons of products at this bath and body store, and the sales girl asked, "Are any of these gifts?" I said, "No they are all for me!" Then I felt ashamed. Why do they care if they're gifts? When I was in college, my friend and I used to go to the mall all the time to shop. We were English literature majors, and we were learning about a poem called "My Last Duchess" (Robert Browning). It's about a greedy rich man, and ends with him talking about something an artist made FOR ME. FOR ME are the last two words in the poem. My memories of the poem are vague, but I remember the professor talking about how FOR ME was emphasized at the end of the line to show a bad character. So my friend and I, when we purchased something in the mall, would walk around saying FOR ME! FOR ME! and laugh and laugh. We had fun times. I eat too much and have tummy aches too. I'll tell you a secret. Why am I into panning? I want to be rich! I don't want to worry about money, and want to be able to eat and shop and enjoy life! So really it's not virtuous at all, but only to have more FOR ME - and to make my family members happy too, of course. The problem is I want to get out of debt so I will be comfortable, but I also want to buy everything NOW.
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    Hi Nitya, nice to talk to you. I hope you have a good weekend. I didn't know that about the perfumes. When I read reviews on Fragrantica, they always talk about vintage perfumes, and how they were so much better before they changed the formula, even for inexpensive things like Heaven Scent. Your post, I was confused as to whether you wrote it or I wrote it, because I say the same thing. I don't use highlighter (I don't even like the way it looks on the beauty gurus), and I see a pretty package and I want it! Take care Nitya talk to you soon.
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    Oh it's new regulations on ingredients in fragrances. It's why many perfumes don't smell like they used to. I'm battling my cravings too. I'm itching for a Lush hand cream ( but then, my hands are so bad it hurts. Nothing works any more) and a highlighter. I don't even use highlighter😣.
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    So many Felce Azzuras! I have to look up IFRA regulations.
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    So complicated is beauty.
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    I would rephrase that, it's not necessarily a bad spiral, especially if you still stop yourself like that. You have been very rational for a very long time, and it may have left you feeling deprived of the "pampering" side of cosmetics, or pampering side of any purchase in general. We all require something in the comforting category too. So I'd think of it as treating myself some after a long time. I know I at least have a tendency to overspend (on food mostly) because realistically, hubs and I were very poor for a couple of years. Our meals were always the same old same old, and the cheapest food available. We suck it up, but the phase having lasted quite a while, it got painful. Pasta and rice- and sometimes nothing else. I'll never forget the one time we didn't have the money for salt. It's like thirty cents, damn that was hard. Personally, I just think we need balance. Buying something coforting/pampering, without hoarding it, and without the emotional pain drive behind it is okay in my book. I realized I want to stop my cosmetics/fragrance/food overspending and buy a nicer winter coat instead, or finally get my hair cut. Now those things can actually improve my appearance to an extent, and I've gotten neither in ages. I think because I was unable to afford anything for so long, I still have that deprivation mentality that tricks me into thinking I should just buy small cheap items instead, and then I let that get out of hand until I notice it's drained my account more than a thought out larger purchase would, and I'm left with a pile of useless products. Sigh. I need to keep written reminders I think. I almost bought lush's cuticle cream too and I've so much hand stuff to use up. Great reminder to check expiration dates!!!
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    Thank you very much for the support. I commit to the pact. 🙏 I will work on a list. I have perfumes that should be used, because I just hoard them. I have some decants.
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    Edith, it's high time I post more regularly again, the community support aspect cannot be underrated :)). I can do buddy system with you- I commit to not buying fragrances until I am down to the last drops of my stash, and you get back on your "champion panner" wagon! 😆 We got this!! I'm off to compiling my lists right now! *holds pinkies with edith* Instead of buying pretty things, ir expecting to look great by simply buying things without considering whether they work on me, I'm also committing to buying things for funcionality- exfoliating, moisturizing, covering under eye bags to the extent they can be covered etc are realistic goals when shopping. Thinking my chronic eye swelling will just disappear and I'll look great with bold shades on my list, not so much. I neeeeed the focus your project pan gives me!
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    Hi Nitya, this is an awesome post. Great idea, buying travel sizes of perfumes! I felt ugly growing up and I read a lot of beauty books and magazines to try to improve myself. I think somewhere along the line I gave up on myself, and the search for beauty items became an end in itself, rather than a means to an end. Instead of making myself pretty, I just want to have a lot of pretty things. All the while eating a bad diet, not exercising, etc. I also don't let myself use things as they are "too pretty to use." I messed up my No Buy since we last talked. I am now shopping too much. Part of me wants to shop and part of me wants to be on No Buy again. Thanks for the great blog entry and best of luck with everything!
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    I thought it was too strong too. Almost reminded me of bugspray. Then as I was using it up, I thought it was very herbal and green, it actually felt like a spring scent. I couldn't stop smelling my wrist! I don't know whether my perception of scents changed so much since I got it, or whether the juice just aged nicely. I like the memories these older scents bring. For the longest time I didn't know what, apart from tangerines and glitter hair spray, comprised the scent of Christmas when I was aged 9-12. It was lovely, a little over the top, it was everywhere, and I have always wanted to find it. I simply assumed it was a mixture of things. When I received a bottle of Poeme, I almost jumped. It was the Christmas scent. Everyone must have been wearing it at the time! So I think I cracked the formula, Poeme, tangerine, glitter hairspray, and I bet there was some Charley Red in there too!
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    Paloma Picasso! That brings back good memories. When I was in college, in the 1980s, my best friend and I haunted the department store beauty counters. Our friend worked at the perfume counter and gave us tons of free samples. Somehow we ended up with a Paloma Picasso bottle. I will never forget the black bottle. I was intimidated by the scent - it is strong, assertive. I gave it to my mom, and she loved it. I was more of an Anais Anais girl. My friend and I wanted a red lipstick Paloma came out with, in a gold tube. I doubt I would have felt comfortable with it either. I was a pink lipstick girl. That is a fun memory.
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    I live very near the italian border, the market here has always been heavily permeated with italian products, some of them developed a HG status and are every household's staples...but over the decades, we've forgotten why we keep them around lol! I used to buy Felce products for the scent, it's a very clean scent, perfect for sports and summer. Borotalco is a similar item. It's just we don't have much use for powder, save for sprinkling our bedsheets with it in summer. I'm a little apalled with my food expenses! I'm spending a lot of time at work lately so I often get something from the convenience isle or similar, to avoid cooking when I'm wiped out by the end of the day, and the difference in my grocery bills is noticeable. But I did try making American pancakes recently, and we like them so much better than crepes, plus they're so simple to make, so there's one quick meal that doesn't cost a ton I can make when I can't be bothered. Come weekend, I'm stocking up on healthier staples and making a few batches. I love that I have you Using It Up here, nothing quite erases the hoarding mentality like others validating there's no merit picking up every item available at the drugstore. So glad I joined!
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    Awesome post! Thank you for the inspiration. You have so many good ideas, and have done so much already. I like the packaging of the Felce Azzurra. I had never heard of it, but Googled it. Thank you for the delightful report. I like your writing and witty way with words.
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    No, I was so naive when I went to the hospital, packing beauty creams and magazines like I was going on vacation. I was only in for two nights, but I was not allowed out of bed - no shower or basin or anything. I was given a wet wipe to bathe with and they gave me samples of talc and baby lotion. The only relaxing part was when they gave me some food. It was definitely not as nice as I imagined. I did see a luxe Clarins set for moms going to the hospital to give birth - a bag loaded with nice minis. I wonder if new moms get around to using the Clarins set. Great job - last year I had a bad flu but nothing could stop me using that cleansing oil I was trying to finish. I love No Buy/Project pan and I am really delighted to have your company.
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    Did you get around to actually using them? I wonder how much sense my hospital cosmetics make. Will I really be thinking I need moisturizer when they're reinflating my lung or something? But samples take little space, and I'm comforted knowing I have shampoo in there. I'm slacking on my list somewhat. Whatever crud is going around has set me back, It was a mission to just do the basics. I've hit pan on a few items though, and threw some out (which is a success in my case). I did buy three items, because I really, seriously need a moisturizer I can tolerate, but I'm okay with sensible, premeditated buys, especially for necessities. Really grateful for the focus of Pan it Up/ No buy. the obsession with cosmetics everywhere had me wondering what was wrong with me when I wasn't trying out product after product. Thanks for giving us "rehab" with Pan it Up Edith!!
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    Great blog Nitya. I will be following it. I like your idea of including household items. I have been known to check into the hospital with a large bag of beauty samples, lol.
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    I agree completely. I only thread my face but have waxed or lasered anything else. I would actually say that laser is better than waxing, if it's possible for you. You have to be a good candidate to use laser (light skin & dark hair), although the newer machines are advancing to be able to serve a wider group of people. Laser is more cost-effective and permanent. For example, where I live, a good Brazilian wax goes is $60-100. And if you always want it waxed, you've got to do it every 4 weeks. Forever! So waxing: $80(average not including tip) x 12 months/year = $960 a year. Say you do that every year between the ages of 20-30 and that's $9,600! And that's assuming that's the only area you want waxed! Alternatively, laser sessions for the same area are about $150 a session, and they say the hair should be gone in 6-8 sessions. So $150 (no tip because it's done by a medical nurse) x 7 = $1,050. And done! Hair's gone! I tended to get ingrown hairs from waxing and shaving, too, but not laser. That's thousands of dollars saved in waxing sessions or shavers/creams, for that matter. So I believe laser is the way to go for body hair. Yes, it hurts, but so does waxing, right?? I'm super-happy with my lasered areas. I haven't worked up the courage to laser my face yet (I'm nervous having lasers near my brows!) but I just might! As a side note, I was unhappy with LaserAway's results. The machine that worked best on me was the LightSheer.

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