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    Well Im 24 years old, I have two children and I love makeup, fashion and decorating! I new to the makeup scene but hopefully I'll be able to change that.
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    The Notebook
    My Sister's Keeper
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    Hip Hop
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    All, Im a proud avid reader and I happened to dip into a bit of writing myself!
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  1. Hey, Well since the weather is warming up and we're getting closer to summer, I want to know your summer makeup routine. I currently don't have one but please share yours
  2. I know this may be weird but I've just started a new blog and I would love for everyone to follow it. I haven't made a post yet but I'll upload tomorrow. So I would like for everyone to leave me your blog names and I'll be sure to follow them. Mine is makeupchrissy.wordpress.com
  3. Do you recommend any other brand that has great brushes? My cousin is only 16, and i want to get her a first brush set. Without spending too much but I might have to go to MAC
  4. Tinkabella


    Does anyone use EcoTools brushes?? If so, can you tell me your experience using them. The good and the bad!! I was thinking about getting them for my younger cousin, I don't want to go to expensive with getting brushes that's why these came to my mind. Thanks
  5. Lisabette, Aww you poor thing, some people dont get it but animals are family also. Thats great that you didn't purchase anything this month. If you really find the urge to spend you should set a dollar amount, instead of a product amount! Thats an easy way for you to set a limit on your spending. Then you should ask yourself 'Am I really going to use this? How much will I use it' Questions like that brings reasoning into play and you'll perhaps find out your really dont want it, but if you do you should buy it but dont exceed your limit. I hope that helps hun!!!!
  6. Flowerfish, I usually only get shower gels and lotion! For some reason I can never miss a sale, now to limit temptation I just delete their emails when I get them
  7. I love this look, its absolutely amazing!
  8. Thats great that you donating what you dont use! My mom works for the state helping people who cant afford to pay their electricity bill && we usually donate clothes, toys, ect to them as well. B&BW is my enabler I swear that place taunts me every time I leave home!!!
  9. I haven't heard of that! :/
  10. Okay, so I wasn't the only one wondering that! Sadly I already reached my limit for the month so I cant grab any!
  11. Thats great, I'm doing a makeup swap so im going to have to tweak by goals next month, but I don't make any unnecessary purchases so thats good
  12. Lol, I haven't even had the chance to overspend this month. Which is great don't get me wrong but going on coffee dates with the girlfriends and the mall and the zoo oddly, and talking into the wee hours in the mornings and work! Omg, I want to face plant into my bed and sleep like the dead.
  13. Really?! Thats great and no problem! Im not sure how to do this so I can give you my instagram name or twitter to make sure I am who I say I am
  14. Im so glad to see that everyone is sticking to their goals! Good job indeed everyone! This month I purchased 4 Apocalips by Rimmel London for $20 and a palette from BH Cosmetics for $12 plus shipping so Im in my price range! No including the UD liner because I took it back!

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